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Procedure for Disposal of all IT Equipment


This procedure outlines the process whereby all IT equipment should be disposed of, including the donation of such equipment to DIT-approved charitable schemes. Such equipment includes: laptops, desktop PCs, printers, file servers, network servers and related electronic equipment.

  1. All equipment must be removed from the Asset Register.
  2. All software and file storage must be deleted.


Removal From Asset Register

     All equipment must be removed from the Asset Register. The procedures for this process are outlined in Document F6A  [Asset Movement] available from the DIT Finance Department - Intranet.


Removal of Software and Storage Files

     Under the terms of its various Software Licence Agreements, DIT is legally bound to delete ALL software products installed on these types of computer. Furthermore, to conform to the Data Protection Act, and to maintain the confidentiality and security of DIT documents and data, ALL storage files must be similarly deleted. 

    Local IT support must be contacted to perform the task of deleting all software and data.