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Identity and Access Management [IDaM] is a recognisable discipline within information security that encompasses a range of enterprise tools and technologies, within a distinct architecture supporting a set of interrelated processes.


Identity and Access Management enables Dublin Institute of Technology to: verify that individuals are who they claim to be, ascertain whether or not they are affiliated with Dublin Institute of Technology, and what entitlements their affiliation allows to the Institute's Information Technology resources.


Accurate 'identification' of an individual enables 'authentication' to an IT resource. Identification and authentication link the electronic identity to the physical individual. 'Authorisation' is the process of determining if policy permits and intended action may proceed.


This document sets forth the Dublin Institute of Technology's policy for providing access to our IT services and facilities for students, staff and other users of the Institute's systems, those who are neither students nor staff. The policy states when access should be provided, when it should be modified, and when it should be rescinded. This policy will further ensure individual privacy rights, reduce administrative overheads, support regulatory compliance and secure essential Institute applications and services.


Full Policy : [IDaM] Identity Management Policies - Version 1.0