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DIT has adopted the UCISA Information Security Toolkit as the framework for its information security policies. This toolkit draws heavily on the British Standard BS 7799 which is also the main source of the international standard ISO 27002. The toolkit comprises sixteen sections which are listed below. The Institute will have a policy for each section adapted to its needs. Each policy will also refer to associated procedures and guidance notes that are relevant to the policy.


Who is covered by this policy ?

Staff, Students & Guests


About the policy

A. Information security policy and infrastructure (parent security policy)

B. Business continuity management and planning

C. Compliance

D. Outsourcing and third party access

E. Personnel

F. Operations

G. Information handling

H. User management

I.  Use of computers

J. System planning

K. System management

L. Network Management

M. Software management

N. Mobile computing

O. Teleworking

P. Cryptography


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