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“The Business of DIT is Our Business”

In accordance with organisational best practice, the IT Business Development Team manages all aspects of the Institute’s application portfolio. The portfolio facilitates students and staff to do their “business”, to provide and maintain data that is the lifeblood of this organisation and to facilitate the Institute to deliver upon its mission.

We fulfil our role, meet our responsibilities and gain value for the organisation, most effectively when we partner well with our colleagues.

The team is responsible for the design, development and maintenance of the entire portfolio and its data. With a modest amount of be-spoke development which supplements or customises all elements are encompassed by one underpinning application architecture. We maintain the data models, dictionaries and associated artefacts that enable institutional coherence with respect to all categories of data e.g. organisational, reference, personal and operational.

Key application suites currently deployed include Banner (Student & Academic records), Blackboard Learn (eLearning), Agresso (Financials) & Core (HR/Payroll). Additionally new suites are being added in support of research activity and estates management.

This is an exciting time in the evolution of the application portfolio and provides all our colleagues with the opportunity to facilitate the further development of DIT as a leading national and international educational institution.


  • Perform systems, business and data analysis.
  • Design application and data architectures.
  • Build solutions to meet the strategic and operational needs of the organisation.
  • Maintain consistency with best practice methodologies.
  • Dedicate our time and energies to value added activities.
  • Delegate appropriately both internally and externally.
  • Acquire where appropriate specific skills from the marketplace.
  • Plan and review our work thoroughly.
  • Are committed to the principles of ‘One DIT’


  • Design creative education and training services.
  • Deliver these services in a timely manner that meets our clients’ needs.
  • Apply professional standards to the management of software vendors, our partners and others to whom we delegate specific IT related activity.
  • Ensure that procurement and contractual activities are performed in compliance with the appropriate standards.
  • Achieve value for DIT and the taxpayer.



Paul Reardon

IT Business Development Officer 

Phone: 402 3383