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Welcome to DIT ICT Guest Services. As a visitor to one of DIT's campuses, you are entitled to short-term use of DIT's Wi-Fi services. This service is not intended to be used by DIT Staff or Students. If you require long-term or permanent access to DIT's network, please consult the appropriate Staff or Student access page.

Getting Started

As a DIT Staff member hosting a guest, it is your responsibility to make arrangements for guest WI-FI access in advance of your guest arriving. Please contact the Service Desk to arrange guest credentials.

Signing on

DIT currently advertise two wireless networks:

  • DIT Wi-Fi: A localised network that allows users to access the wireless network on a ‘one time’ basis. This means that each time a user reconnects in the future, they must supply their user logon credentials to the portal page.
    • To log onto DIT Wi-Fi, simply:
      • Ensure your network card is turned on
      • Right click on the wireless icon on the bottom right of your PC to view available wireless networks
      • In the network settings of your Wi-Fi card select "ditwifi" from the list
      • Click on your web browser and the DIT Wi-Fi hotspot welcome page will appear
      • Enter your username and password
      • Click login to begin


  • Eduroam: The roaming infrastructure used by the international research and education community that provides the ability to connect to the Eduroam wireless network in other member sites.
    • To log onto Eduroam you will need the username and password issued by your participating institute.
      • Select "Eduroam" from the list of wireless networks on your device
      • Enter your login name and password
      • Once you have connected to Eduroam for the first time your device will automatically reconnect



If you experience difficulties try Eduroam's installer application instead