DIT Access Service



Jamie, BSc Business & Management

Ololade, BSc Business & Management

Mags, BSc Retails & Services Management

Josh, BSc Food Innovation

Rachael, BSc Retail Management & Marketing




Jamie joined DIT through the HEAR (Higher Education Access Route) scheme in 2010. He has just received First Class Honours in his degree BSc in Business & Management at DIT, Aungier St.

Since joining DIT Jamie has volunteered many hours of his time and energy to help both fellow students and the local DIT community. His voluntary activities in the local community include supervised Study and shadowing days, working with students from local secondary schools.


At DIT he was also a student leader at the weeklong orientation programme, a peer mentor working with 1st year students easing their transition to Higher Education and a representative for the Access Programme at many DIT events. Jamie’s generosity of time and shared knowledge led to him providing free grinds and free referencing to 1st year students.

Showing his ongoing commitment Jamie has also put his name forward to be a Point of Contact Graduate, for students who want to link with an Access graduate in the areas of Economics and Finance.


“DIT Access has helped me in far too many ways for me to mention!  The most important thing is that DIT Access has given me the opportunity to realise my potential.

I've always had the potential to get really good results whether in school or college. Parent teacher meetings used to be a depressing thing because all I ever heard was that I COULD do really well. DIT access has helped me realise that potential and graduate with first class honours and an award for the highest research project result in my course.

The peer mentoring programme allowed me to quickly adapt to college and realise what was expected of me. The advice of the Access staff allowed me to really believe that what I was doing was worthwhile and gave me the motivation to pursue the best results I could and not settle for second best.”




Ololade Sabajo left a hostel in Nigeria when she was 12 to join her family in Ireland. Now she is in her final year of Business & Management and is preparing for a Masters.


“When I came to Ireland the change in schoolwork was very difficult and I had a hard time in my classes. Because of that my CAO points score was below what I needed. But my career counsellor recommended I apply to the DIT Access Programme. Access gave me the opportunity to go to college. I had no other options. They gave me the ability to get back on track and let me do what I wanted to do with my life. My mother was extremely happy and proud.


I was introduced to Khrystyna through the Access Programme. She became my mentor and if I needed anything or had any questions, I would go to her first. Still to this day, even though she is finished college, I ask her for help. I’ve been following in her footsteps. Luckily, I get to come back to DIT after I graduate this semester to work on my masters. After that, expect to see me working in finance worldwide.”

“They gave me the ability to go back on track and let me do what I wanted to do with my life.”





Mags Hayes was the first person in her family to complete the Leaving Cert. She is now in the 2nd year of a B.Sc. degree in Retail & Services Management.


“I always wanted to go to college, even though it wasn’t really what was expected. It was the Access Programme that gave me the network and support I needed. Access is a great network of people, basically a supportive club. They are your big brother and big sister who can help with anything or find someone who will help you better than even they can.

No question goes unanswered. Access made college more of a community. People who don’t think they can do a third-level course need to look into the Access Programme. Without Access I just wouldn’t have got the financial and emotional support I needed.


Many of my friends don’t understand why I’m going to college. But I think everyone should have this opportunity. Everyone should go as far as they want. My mam is amazed how much confidence I got in college and how far I have come. When I showed her around the college the pride she had for me nearly brought me to tears.”

“My mam is amazed how much confidence I got in college and how far I have come…the pride she has for me nearly brought me to tears.”




Josh Martin left the Philippines to join his mother who was a nanny in Ireland.

Now he is studying for a B.Sc. in Food Innovation and acts as a mentor to new Access students.


“When I was younger the only things I knew about Ireland were leprechauns and the five-euro note, because my mother had sent me one when she moved to Ireland to find work as a carer. When I was eleven I left my father, brother and sister in Manila and came to live with her so I also went to school here. For a student in the Philippines, your education is everything. I learned to work quickly in Dublin, and I managed to graduate with six honors. I wanted to do a Bachelors of Science degree in DIT. But going to college would not have been possible without the Access Programme.


Since getting to college I have kept the same strong work ethic. When I get an assignment, I like to do it immediately because I realise I am here because of the grant and I want to help the burden on my parents. Besides the financial aid, Access gave me great opportunities to gain experience and grow my CV. After getting such great help from my mentor, I wanted to give something back. Now I am in the 2nd year of my degree and work closely with first year Access students, giving them the same help I got when I came here first.”

“Going to college would not have been possible without the Access Programme.”





Rachael Kavanagh came from an area where few people went to college. Now she is studying Retail Management & Marketing and has the confidence to stand in front of a hundred fellow students and make a presentation.


“I came from a tough area and I never really could fit in. I was never afraid to be different. I needed to make my own choices. I knew I wanted to study retail in DIT. It was my first and only choice.

But the cost of college made it a hard, complicated struggle even with my part-time job at Boots and the college savings that I’ve been working on for years. Luckily for me, the grant I got from Access eased the pressure on myself and my mother.


Coming into college can be a bit overwhelming but access makes you feel like you are not on your own. Access is a community where people are welcoming, helpful and inspiring. I had great mentors that moulded my future to what it is today. Access made that possible. Access has given me so much and I want to give back to it so I am planning to volunteer as a student mentor next year. I think education is the key to everything.”

“Coming into college can be a bit overwhelming but access makes you feel like you are not on your own.”