DIT_ACE-logo  7 January 2016

The purpose of the Student Forum is twofold:


  1. For Access students to provide feedback to Access staff and for Access staff to provide information to students.
  2. For the Student Forum Committee to gain leadership experience.


The Student Forum Committee are responsible for organising campaigns and social events – which in the past have included Christmas parties and an end of year social event.


Student Forum 2015-2016


The outgoing Chairperson for 2014-2015 suggested a different format for elections this year and we held a movie/pizza party in DIT Kevin Street in September 2015 to hold nominations.


Over 150 students attended on the night and nominations for the Committee were taken.  We set up a Survey Gizmo so all students could vote for their preferred representative.


The positions elected were:  Chairperson, Secretary and where possible 2 representatives for each campus.  This year’s Committee are:


Chairperson:          Rachael Kavanagh


Secretary:               Pierre Yimbog


Bolton St Rep:        Abiola Tiamiyu – DT006

                                Oliver Fazou – DT006


Kevin St Rep:          Min Pan – DT010

                                 Fayez Abdul Rahman – DT211c


Aungier St Rep:      Adam Betts – DT365

                                Aoife Sheridan – DT398


Cathal Brugha

Street Rep:              Gavin Moriarty – DT407


Francis St Rep:       Lyndsey Lawlor – DT506

                                 Liam McGee – DT506



Rep:                           Megan Gallagher – DT572

                                   Shauna Ryan – DT572


The 1st Student Forum Committee Meeting took place in DIT Aungier Street in November.  The Student Forum Committee decided to hold the 1st Overall Student Forum Meeting in DIT Kevin Street.  The Committee organised the Access Student Christmas Party which was held in the Russell Court Hotel on Wednesday 9th December, 2015.


This year’s Committee are keen to organise a campaign about raising awareness about Access more broadly across DIT.  They are considering a poster campaign – the staff of the Access Office are excited and fully supportive of this student-led campaign.