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What is Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) about?

          In a nutshell:

  • Solving real-world problems collaboratively.
  • Research and innovation (including applied research) addressing research questions from society.
  • Collaborations between researchers, policymakers, civil society organisations (CSOs), statutory bodies and/or industry at all stage of the research.

See - for a short introduction.


Here are some useful Links which may be of interest:








  • Richard Owen from the University of Exeter Business School, UK explains what is Responsible and Innovation, why it is needed for a sustainable future and what are the issues of the RRI Tools project.


  • Interesting book chapter making the case for RRI in light of historical examples of irresponsible research and innovation: Von Schomberg, Rene ( 2013). "A vision of responsible innovation". In: R. Owen, M.Heintz and J Bessant (eds.) Responsible Innovation. London: John Wiley.



  • Watch the following videos to find out how Community Partners, Students and Lecturers are already involved in responsible research and what values of the RRI concept are important to them. 


       Odran Reid, Strategic Development Manager, Northside Partnership, Dublin


Peter Wanyenya, PhD Student, University of British Columbia, Vancouver


Catherine Gorman, School of Hospitality and Tourism, Dublin Institute of Technology


Please click here to access further video content from the LK7 Conference 2016, including interviews with Science Shops and University Staff. 


  • Short video introduction to RRI for community partners: This is also useful for lecturers/students to think about RRI from their partners’ perspective.