Students Learning with Communities

We have a range of testimonials from community partners:


Juile Bernard, manager of the DIT Access and Civic Engagement Office, delivers a speech on Students Learning with Communities at the SLWC annual awards event.


Sergeant Jim Mc Donnell from the Garda Road Safety Unit, community partner for the DIT College Awareness of Road Safety (CARS project), spoke to DIT journalism student Kayleigh O'Donoghue's about his involvement with DIT students. The clip also contains brief interviews with lecturers and students who participated in CARS. Click on the icon below to listen. ‌Please Note this is a sound file and it works better on Internet Explorer.


Below is a speech given by Niamh Farrell, a Community Fellow,  who is Manager of AMEN - A service that supports men who experience domestic abuse. AMEN has worked with DIT students on a range of programmes. Here she discusses the impact collaborating with with DIT students on SLWC projects have had on their work. Please note that this is a soundfile and works better in Internet Explorer.




See below some of the testimonials by community partners.  

  • "We feel that our children always benefit from contact with positive role models. In this case the DIT students, through their enthusiasm and commitment showed the children that they too can go further in education.  They so enjoyed the day out in the college and I feel that some of them left thinking that they themselves would love, some day to go to college."
  • "The DIT students learned how to prepare, to teach and to explain to children the knowledge they had. They took on the opportunity to work with children from a very disadvantaged area and get to know them as real people."
  • "Throughout the process the Bolton Street students engaged with us as partners using a problem solving approach. They were highly energetic and motivated. They communicated regularly and effectively throughout the design process and took on board all our suggestions."
  • "They seemed to gain great learning from the practical nature of the project. We would have no hesitation in recommending to other youth groups that they participate in similar projects. Groups that operate in the voluntary sector where resources and expertise is in short supply can only gain from their involvement."
  • "We feel that there is huge potential for other community based projects to benefit and use this programme to improve their facilities and the service they offer. Our involvement has enabled us to provide a far better and safer service to our young people."

‌Community Partner for the Dyspraxia Association of Ireland, Harry Conway, talks about his experience on his involvment in a Students Learning with Communities Project