Students Learning with Communities

Students in DIT have given their views on community-based learning and community-based research projects over several years.


For a detailed reflection on doing a community-based research thesis project, you might like to read this paper by Aoife Mitchell - a graduate of DIT’s BSc in Nutraceuticals in Health and Nutrition: Click here to read

For detailed reflections, you might like to read David Callaghan's account of his involvement in a Foundations in Community-Based Research module on the MA in Public Relations Programme: click here to read.

You might also like to read Liam Keegan's article on his experience of the CLiC News project on the BA in Journalism: click here to read.

Brendan Greene, a student in Electrical/Electronic Engineering, prepared a powerpoint presentation for our practice group meeting in 2012, to share his experiences of being involved in two projects with communities: click here to read.

Niamh Geoghegan, a student from the BA in Journalism Programme who has worked on a SLWC project in 2014-15, delivers a speech at the 2015 SLWC awards. Please note this is a sound file and works better on Internet Explorer.

For a detailed reflection on a SLWC project by David Dvylaitis, a Visual Communications and Graphic Design student, click here to read


Some general feedback & comments below from our students across a range of  DIT programmes.  

"Yes we did reflect and it was a good way to see the progress we were making and if any  mistakes were being made it was easy to see where they were and how to fix them." 

 "I learned a lot from the project, ranging from knowledge regarding mentoring, dealing with students, performing experiments and producing worksheets. The project also encouraged communication between many people which are valuable skills." 

"This project helped me step outside my comfort zone." 

 "I now know how important it is in architecture to keep the community in mind…and in poorly developed areas, pride surrounding new designs is important." 

 "[Reflection on learning] was very helpful and allowed me to see what went right/wrong and what I could do differently." 

 "I gained more confidence. I engaged in teamwork and this helped me and challenged me." 

 "I became more confident and realised I could cope under pressure." 

 "I found the reflection process very worthwhile as it can help me improve for the future." 

 "[I] got to put what I learned in class into practice." 

 "I gained confidence and learnt the importance of planning and organising." 

 "I had fun and so did the [community partners]." 

 "I was delighted to be a part of it; and particularly since there’s scope for future research. Teamwork improved, our class bonded more." 

 "My expectations were met and exceeded – I learned so much about attitudes, the community and team work." 

 "[Reflection] was worthwhile – it helped me to articulate what I learned." 

 "[It] gave myself and my group more awareness on the topic. Allowed us to use our creativity."

 "I learnt to plan and organize a group project." 

 "Fun! Fun! Fun!" 

 "I learnt that early childhood educators have a major role to play in the community; they are actively engaged with families and can play a major role in children’s lives." 

 "I learnt that children were drawn in by the smallest things, and witnessed them really enjoying themselves." 

 "Getting involved creates a good atmosphere which lets the children feel that they could belong in a [third level] school like this." 



Electrical Engineering Students talk about their experience on community based learning and research from 'The Aisling Project' in Ballymun

Students from the BE in Electrical/Electronic Engineering, worked with children in the Aisling Project Ballymun, St Michael’s Youth Project Inchicore, and South Area Youth Services Aungier St, to design and programme lego robots to compete in the robosumo wrestling competition in DIT. This project is coordinated by Gavin Duffy, along with lecturers Ted Burke, Dave Dorran, and John McGrory. Click play on the sound file to listen to Stephen Donohoe, Christopher McPhillips and Michael O'Meara's experience on this Students Learning With Communities project





Sheetal Janapareddy talks about her experience on working with The Aisling Project as part of the module on Professional Skills in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Medicinal Chemistry.

‌Megan Haverty, a student studying Pharmaceutical Sciences and Medicinal Chemistry talks about her experience on working with The Aisling project as part of the Professional Skills module.


‌Product Design student Charles Talloon talks about his involvement in a Students Learning with Communities Project with Enable Ireland.

‌Juan O' Raw, a Product Design student, talks about his experience on working on a Students Learning with Communities Project with Enable Ireland.

‌Karen M Duggan, a second year student in Human Nutrition and Dietetics, talks about her experience of a Students Learning With Communities Project