Students Learning with Communities

Conference participation (presentation and workshop delivery) - Conference presentations


6th Living Knowledge Conference, Copenhagen, 9-11 April 2014:

(1) 'Moving from volunteering to curriculum-based collaboration – Wells for Zoe and Dublin Institute of Technology.' (with Mary Coyne, Wells for Zoe)

(2) ‘Developing University- Civil Society Interaction: Rethinking the curriculum to bring in CSO experiences and research needs’ (with Eileen Martin and Emma McKenna Queens University Belfast; Jozefien de Marrée, Vrije Universiteit Brussel; Siobhan Long, Enable Ireland; Catherine O’Mahony, NAIRTL; Josephine Boland, NUI Galway; Hansje Eppink, Wageningen University)

(3) ‘Challenges in sustaining, supporting and enhancing long term collaborative relationships between HEIs and CSOs working on Community Based Learning and or Community Based Research projects’ (with Kaethe Burt ‘Dea LIFELINE)

International Association for Research on Service Learning and Community Engagement annual conference, Nebraska, United States, 6-8 November 2013:

(1) ‘Learning from 3-way evaluations of a Postgraduate Module in Community-based Research in Dublin Institute of Technology’

(2) ‘Why is community-engaged teaching and learning potentially detrimental to the career development of faculty?’ 

CUMULUS Conference, November 2013, "Interdisciplinary Community Based Learning in Ballymun" (workshop) with the Rediscovery Centre in Ballymun.   

NDLR Annual Symposium, Limerick, September 2012, ‘Community-Engaged Student Research: Online Resources, Real World Impact’, with Kenneth Burns, UCC.

Fifth International Living Knowledge Conference, Bonn, May 2012: 
(1) 'Learning From Mentoring Relationships Within and Between Higher Education Institute Staff'
(2) 'Learning From an Irish Multidisciplinary Collaborative Project Where Students are the Community' , with Jim McAllister, Garda Road Safety Unit 
(3) ‘Leveraging policy to promote Community-Based Research in Higher Education Institutions – a workshop on what should and could work for you’, with Emma McKenna, Eileen Martin (both QUB), Catherine O’Mahony, Kenneth Burns (both UCC)
(4) ‘Two perspectives on a postgraduate module in community-based research in Dublin Institute of Technology’, with Siobhan Long, Enable Ireland.

Learning Innovation Network, Dublin, October 2011: 'Engaging and preparing students for future roles – community-based learning in DIT'. The 20-minute recording of this presentation is available here. The full text of this paper is available here - an abridged version is forthcoming in the LIN conference proceedings.  

CU Expo 2011 – Community-University Partnerships, Waterloo Region, Ontario, Canada, May 2011: (1) 'Building equality of participation in research partnerships'. (2) 'Lessons from a Pilot Module in Community-Based Research', as part of ‘Community-university partnerships in scientific education’ session. 

OECD IMHE International Conference Higher Education in a World Changed Utterly: Doing More with Less, Paris, September 2010: 'Students Learning With Communities in Dublin Institute of Technology – an Institutional Case Study on the potential rewards from the use of community-based learning as an alternative to industry-based work placement'. 

All-Ireland Society for Higher Education International Conference: Designing & Delivering Curricula for the Future, Dublin, August 2010: 'Community-based learning and curriculum design – a crash course for academic staff'. 

Fourth International Living Knowledge Conference: Engaged Communities, Engaged Universities: Developing policy and practice in participatory research, Belfast, August 2009:  'Mind-mapping the challenges – key considerations after the first year of setting up a programme for community-based research and learning'.

ICSLTE Second International Conference for Service-Learning in Teacher Education, Galway, June 2009: 'Using a reflective model (Gibb’s) to assess reflective and assessment methods in service-learning' (co-presented with Martina Crehan from Learning, Teaching and Technology Centre DIT).  

Campus Engage International Conference: Higher Education and Civic Engagement Partnerships: Create, Challenge, Change. Galway, June 2009: 'Students Learning With Communities – learning from community-based learning at DIT'.