CPD Certificate in Information Technology for Site Workers

Information exchange between clients, design teams, builders and finally facility managers is increasingly carried out digitally using Information Technology (IT). The growing use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and the focus on Lean Construction processes are driving this, while the growing availability of internet access and wireless technologies on Irish building sites is accelerating the trend at site level.

Information Technology for Site Workers is the latest upskilling course that the School provides to industry, starting September 2016. While Professional Energy Skills in nZEB (see Cormac Allen’s report) focuses on delivering NZEB for design professionals (at QQI Level 9), this continuous professional development (CPD) programme (at QQI Level 6) is aimed at facilitating the construction of high-quality, NZEB buildings by site workers. It is exciting the School can deliver quality teaching for the core skills needed in the new information age and the upcoming leap to NZEB at both ends of the design-construction process.

 digitally engaged site worker

Image of digitally engaged site worker supplied courtesy of Topcon

For further information or to enrol visit: http://www.dit.ie/architecture/programmes/cpd/cpdcertificateinitskillsforsiteworkers/

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