Dr. Jim Hanly

E: James.Hanly@dit.ie

P: +353 1 402 3180


Dr Jim Hanly is a Senior Lecturer in Finance in the College of Business at the Dublin Institute of Technology. 

His research interests focus on risk management and hedging, asset pricing, and volatility modelling in financial and commodity markets. He is also interested in research questions that examine the interaction of financial and non-financial data particularly in terms of the impact of finance on the broader economy and society as well as experiential learning and management dynamics. He has spent time in the University of Melbourne, Australia and the University of Otago, New Zealand as a visiting scholar.

He has acted as a reviewer for a number of journals including Energy Economics and the Financial Review and has published work in journals including the Journal of Futures Markets, The European Journal of Finance, Energy Economics and the Energy Journal. He is also a reviewer of financial texts for a number of publishers.

Current PhD students are focusing on foreign exchange risk management and the impact of renewable energy on economic growth.


Qualifications and Awards 

Dr Hanly holds a PhD and an MBS in Finance from University College Dublin and a BBS from Dublin City University


Teaching Experience

His teaching interests include financial management, corporate finance, econometrics, derivatives and risk management.



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Book Chapters


Cotter, J. and Hanly, J., 2012, 'Re-evaluating Hedging Performance for Asymmetry: The Case of Oil, Derivative Securities Pricing and Modeling', Contemporary Studies in Economics and Financial Analysis Series, Jonathan Batten and Niklas Wagner (Eds), Emerald, 259-280


Other Publications


Hanly, J., 2007, (Co-Author J. Cotter), Hedging in an uncertain world, Finance magazine, April 16th, 2007.


Hanly, J., (Co-Author J. Cotter), 2006, “Hedging Your Bets”, Futures and Options World, May 25th, 2006.


Recent Conference Papers / Presentation

Peer Reviewed Published Proceedings 


Morales, L and Hanly, J., 2016, European Power Markets – A journey towards efficiency, Portuguese Finance Association, Covilha, Portugal, June 2016


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Conference and Seminar Presentations


"Volatility and Risk Management in European Electricity Futures Markets", Dublin Energy Lab, Dublin Institute of Technology, Dublin Ireland, December 2014.


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