Audrey Jennings

Title:  Lecturer

Location Address & Room No:  School of Management, College of Business, DIT, Aungier Street, Dublin 2.
Room No. 1-003

Telephone: 01-4023280


Qualifications: BSc. (Hons) Business and Information Technology 1998 (TCD), MSc. Research, 2005 (TCD)

Teaching Interests: The Strategic use of Technology in enabling Businesses to gain a Competitive Advantage and to streamline and integrate their processes both internally and externally.

Research Interests

My area of research interest has evolved in the last fifteen years, from the impact of technology on organisations, to the enabling impact, specifically of internet technologies, on organisations, society and education. My master’s research thesis focused on the use of synchronous elearning technologies in enabling and supporting mature students at tertiary level. This research was based on work carried out at Trinity College, Dublin, during an EU funded project, GENIUS - Generic e-Learning Environments and Paradigms for the New European Information and Communication Technologies Curricula. To support my work in DIT, I continuously evaluate the strategic use of new technology solutions that enable organisations to gain and sustain a competitive advantage. I have an ongoing interest and awareness of the changes that new technology bring to society. I have recently been involved as a researcher in a SIF 1 funded project on Education in Employment, focusing on the Work-Based Learning strand of this project.


Refereed Journal Publications

  • Redmond J. A., Parkinson A., Dolan D., O’Connor C., Mullally A. and Jennings A., The usability of web-based collaborative platforms at third level: a Lecturer perspective, Proceedings of the IADIS International Conference e-Society 2006 Vol II pp. 59-64, Trinity College, Dublin Ireland July 13-16, 2006 Eds: Pedro Isaias, Maggie McPherson and Frank Bannister with Luis Rodrigues & Patricia Barbosa ISBN: 972-8924-16-X
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Chapters in Books

  • A.Jennings, A. Mullally, C.O'Connor, D. Dolan, A. Parkinson and J. A. Redmond. Is the Jury still out on "Blended Learning"? Use of a web-based Collaborative teaching platform in Web Information Systems and Technologies, Joaquim Filipe, José Cordeiro and Vitor Pedrosa (eds) Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing pp. 355-366. Springer Heidelberg 2007 ISBN 978-3-540-74062-9.
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Conferences Presented at

  • Dolan D., O’Connor C., Mullally A., Jennings A., (2003) ‘Use of a web-based collaborative platform for on-line synchronous eLearning for non-traditional learners: Management and Administrative perspective’. GENIUS Workshop: Genius – creating tomorrow’s e-learning environment today, Intel Ireland, Kildare. (Paper)
  • C. O'Connor, A. Mullally, J.A. Redmond, D. Dolan, A. Parkinson, A. Jennings, e-Learning: not quite the last word in learning?  The Eleventh Annual Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education (ITiCSE 2006) , Bologna Italy, 26-28 June 2006, 2006, pp5 pp. (Paper)
  • J. A. Redmond, A. Parkinson, A. Mullally, D. Dolan, A. Jennings and C. O'Connor. The usability of web-based collaborative platforms at third level.  IADIS International Conference e-Society 2006, Trinity College, Dublin, 13 - 16 July, 2006, 2006, pp8 pp. (Paper)
  • Dolan D., O’Connor C., Mullally A., Jennings  A., ‘Experience in the use of   synchronous eLearning in a traditional university for non-traditional    learners’   2004 Hawaii International Conference on Education, 3-6th January 2004. (Paper)
  • 3rd and 4th June 2004 – EdTECH 2004, annual conference of the ILTA (Irish Learning and Technology Association) held at Tralee IT. A presentation on the implementation, evaluation and results from the GENIUS project at Trinity from the Faculty, Lecturer and student perspectives.
  • 30th and 31st January 2004 - DG Education and Culture eLearning Concertation Meeting, Brussels. Invited as an Expert on the evaluation of eLearning projects, this involved presenting an evaluation strategy to groups involved in new EU funded eLearning projects and partaking in workshops.
  • 24th- 26th September, 2003 – E3–Education, Europe and E-Government Conference, Rome. Presented on the evaluation process for the GENIUS project and the results from Faculty, Lecturer and Student perspectives.
  • 19th September 2003 – GENIUS closing conference, INTEL, Leixlip, Dublin. Presented the results from the student perspective of the GENIUS project at Trinity College.
  • 5th September 2002 – 31st March 2003 – Presented status reports to and took part in workshops with the other Academic and Industry members in the GENIUS project at meetings in Porto, Brussels, Reading and Linkoping.

Other publications

  • M.Sc Thesis (2005).  ‘Implementing an Integrated Web-Based eLearning collaboration Platform at Tertiary Level for part-time Mature Evening Students’
  • Research contributor to the SIF 1 Project Education in Employment, Work-Based Learning – Graduating Through the Workplace Report. CIT Press 2008, ISBN 978-0-9545735-8-3.