Dr. Daire Hooper

dairehooper.pngRoom 5-063,
School of Management,
College of Business,
Dublin Institute of Technology,
Aungier Street,
Dublin 2

telephone: +353 1 402 3212
fax: +353 1 402 3291
email: daire.hooper@dit.ie


PhD (Marketing), Dublin Institute of Technology, Aungier Street, Dublin 2.
Postgraduate Diploma in Third Level Learning & Teaching, Dublin Institute of Technology, Mount Street, Dublin 2.
BSc in Management (Marketing), Dublin Institute of Technology, Aungier Street, Dublin 2.

Research Interests

Daire’s research interests include services marketing, servicescapes, consumption emotions, behavioural responses to consumer experiences and consumers’ expectations of services.  She is also interested in student-centred learning technologies, with a particular emphasis placed on audio feedback as a method for delivering formative feedback to students. 

Current Projects




  • Emotional and behavioural consequences of servicescape perceptions
  • The multi-dimensional structure of servicescape evaluations

Service experiences

  • Varying consumer experiences between hedonic and utilitarian services

Audio feedback

  • The impact of audio feedback on students’ intrinsic motivation
  • The relationship between audio feedback and perceptions of teacher immediacy


  • Multivariate Statistics
  • Structural Equation Modelling

Refereed Journal Articles

Hooper, D., Coughlan, J. and Mullen, M.R. (forthcoming 2013), ‘The Servicescape as an Antecedent to Service Quality and Behavioral Intentions’, Journal of Services Marketing, Vol. 27, No. 3.

Hooper, D., Coughlan, J., and Mullen, M. (2009) Structural Equation Modelling: Guidelines for Determining Model Fit, Electronic Journal of Business Research Methods, 6(1), Available: http://www.ejbrm.com/vol6/v6-i1/v6-i1-art6-abstract.htm and http://arrow.dit.ie/buschmanart/2/

Chapters in Books

Hooper, D. (forthcoming 2012), ‘Exploratory Factor Analysis’, in Chen, H. (Ed.), Approaches to Quantitative Research – Theory and its Practical Application: A Guide to Dissertation Students, Cork, Ireland: Oak Tree Press.

Conference Papers

Hooper, D. (2012), ‘The Use of Audio Feedback to Develop Deeper Learning in Business Education’ presented at the Marketing Educators’ Association Conference, Long Beach, CA.

Hooper D. and Coughlan J. (2011), ‘Modeling the Retail Servicescape: A Second Order Factor Solution’ presented at EIRASS2011, San Diego, US.

Hooper, D. (2010), ‘Towards an Understanding of Students’ Use of Audio Feedback: An Exploratory Study’, presented at iCERi2010, Madrid, Spain.

Hooper, D. (2010), ‘Students’ Perceptions of Audio Feedback: An Examination of Individual Differences’, presented at EDULEARN2010, Barcelona, Spain.

Hooper, D. and Coughlan, J. (2010), ‘Not all Services are Created Equal: An Investigation into the Role of Emotion in Service Experiences’, presented at the 19th Academy of Marketing Conference, Coventry, United Kingdom.

Hooper, D. and Coughlan, J. (2010), ‘The Servicescape and Behavioral Outcomes: Formative versus Reflective Indicators’, presented at the 19th Annual Frontiers in Service Conference, Karlstad University, Sweden.

Hooper, D., Coughlan, J. and Mullen, M.R. (2009), ‘Clarifying the Ambiguities between the Servicescape and Service Quality: A Field Study,’ presented at QUIS 11: The Service Conference, Wolfsburg, Germany.

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Hooper, D., Coughlan, J. and Mullen, M.R. (2008), ‘Evaluating Model Fit: A Synthesis of the Structural Equation Modelling Literature’ presented at the 7th European Conference on Research Methodology for Business and Management Studies, Regent’s College, London, United Kingdom.

Other Publications

Hooper, D. (2009), ‘Audio Feedback Case Study’, presented at the A Word in Your Ear 2009 – Audio Feedback Conference [Internet], Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, Available from http://research.shu.ac.uk/lti/awordinyourear2009/awiye_pod.xml.

Poster Presentations

Hooper, D. Couglan J. and Mullen, M. (2011), ‘Not all Services are Created Equal: An Investigation into the Role of Emotion in Service Experiences’ presented at the American Marketing Association Winter Conference, Austin, Texas.