Jennifer Munnelly

Title: Dr.

Location Address & Room No: Room No. 4103, Dit Aungier Street, Dublin 2

Telephone: 01 402 7173



  • PhD Computer Science- Trinity College Dublin
  • MSc Computer Science (Networks and Distributed Systems)- Trinity College Dublin
  • BSc Information Systems Development - DIT

Teaching includes Object-Oriented development, Distributed Systems, Mobile Application Development, Java, XML, Enterprise Systems, Software Engineering, Agile, SCRUM and many more topics, both practical and theoretical.

Research interests include Agile Software Development, Agile Project Management, Pervasive Healthcare, Programming Languages.
Dr Munnelly has been involved in the commercialisation of several research projects to date. She was co-founder and CEO of research spin out company MobiMaths which provided educational smartphone apps to schools in Ireland, USA and Zambia. She has undertaken Enterprise Ireland Innovation Vouchers for research commercialisation within DIT in 2011 and 2016. 
Research collaborations include HSE (Healthlink -Mater Hospital), University of Madrid, Spanish Interior Ministry of Defence, University of Lancaster, VUB Brussels and KUL Leuven. 
She has been an Invited Speaker in Trinity College Dublin, Engineers Ireland, Beijing Institute of Technology, East China University, Beijing Institute of Vocational Education.

Publications include:
Industry Led Agile Software Group Projects, 11th China Europe International Symposium on Software Engineering Education 2016
An Initiative to Apply the Concept and Philosophy of Industry-Oriented  Higher Education to Technician Level Software Programmes. (Springer, Book Chapter) Munnelly, J, Feeney S, Wu B, Hussey M, Duff T, O’Neill P, Burns R. 2013
MobiMaths: An approach to utilising smartphones in teaching mathematics Tangney B., Weber S., O’Hanlon P., Knowles D., Munnelly J., Salkham A.,Watson R., Jennings K, Mobile and Contextual Learning (Mlearn2010), 2010. Best paper award MLearn 2010.
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