John Hogan


Lecturer in International Political Economy and Irish Politics

School of Marketing
College of Business
Dublin Institute of Technology
Aungier Street (3-062)
Dublin 2

p: (+353-1) 4027137
f: (+353-1) 4027198


PhD (School of Law and Government, DCU); MA (DCU); BBS (DCU)


Hogan joined the Dublin Institute of Technology in 2006, following a year of postdoctoral research in the Department of Political Science, Trinity College, Dublin. Prior to working in TCD, he completed his PhD in political science in the School of Law and Government, DCU (2001-2005).


He has taught on topics as diverse as Irish Politics, American Politics, and International Political Economy. He currently teaches in the areas of Irish Politics and International Political Economy at DIT. He taught American Politics at the School of Law and Government, DCU from 2001 to 2006.


His main research interests have focused on two topics: understanding the nature of policy change in the context of economic crisis and investigating lobbying regulations. He has sought to develop a theory to enable a better understanding of the nature of policy change. His lobbying research has concentrated on examining and comparing lobbying legislation in those countries, and sub-national jurisdictions, that have sought to regulate the behaviour of their lobbying industries in the interests of political transparency.

Peer Reviewed Journal Publications

John’s research has been published in such journals as Acta Politica; the Journal of Public Affairs; Journal of Australian Political Economy; the Nordic Journal of Political Economy; The Canadian Journal of Political Science; The Political Quarterly; Saothar; Australian Journal of Politics and History; Irish Political Studies; Administration; the Asian Journal of Latin American Studies; Digest of Middle Eastern Studies; Irish Communications Review; Open Political Science Journal; Canadian Political Science Review and thePolicy Studies Journal.

Journal Work

He is a peer reviewer for The Canadian Journal of Political Science, Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis, Policy Studies Journal and Irish Political Studies, and is on the editorial board of The Open Political Science Journal andthe Journal of Risks, Hazards and Crisis in Public Policy. John is also a member of APSA, the PSA, the ECPR and the PSAI.

Books and Book Chapters

With DIT colleagues Drs. Paul Donnelly and Paddy Dolan, John co-edited Approaches to Qualitative Research: Theory and Its Application – A Guide for Dissertation Students (Oak Tree Press). Also with Paul Donnelly and Dr. Brendan O'Rourke, he co-edited Irish Business & Society: Governing, Participating & Transforming in the 21st Century (Gill & Macmillan). This volume contains contributions from the leading academics in their fields from Ireland, and internationally. Along with colleagues Profs. Gary Murphy (DCU) and Raj Chari (TCD) he wrote Regulating Lobbying: A Global Comparison (Manchester University Press). This book, looks at the state of lobbying regulations across the world. It is currently on its 4th hardback print run and has just been translated into Russian.

John has also contributed chapters to various books including Interest Groups & Lobbying,Continuity; Change and Crisis in Contemporary Ireland; Approaches to Qualitative Methodology; Irish Business and Society and Discourse and Crisis: From Immediacy to Reflection.

Academic Conferences

He has presented his research, and that of his collaborators, chaired panels, organised panels and contributed variously at academic conferences around the world. These include the American Political Science Association annual conferences, the Political Studies Association annual conferences (UK); the European Consortium for Political Research joint sessions of workshops and the Political Studies Association of Ireland annual conferences.

Along with colleagues Prof Raj Chari and Prof Gary Murphy he organised the International Trends in Lobbying Regulation: Lessons Learned for Ireland Conference, in Dublin, in December 2010.

Parliamentary Presentations

The findings from his lobbying research with Raj Chari and Gary Murphy have also been presented to a variety of parliamentary committees and working groups, such as Government Reform Unit of the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform in Ireland; the Political and Constitutional Reform Committee of the House of Commons in the UK; the Parliamentary Committee Examining Lobbying in the Czech Republic; The Council of Europe in Strasbourg; as well as beingcited in reports to the Australian federal parliament and various Australian state parliaments.

John, Raj and Gary are currently consulting with the Irish and British governments on their proposed lobbying legislation.

Consulting with Industry

His lobbying research has also been presented before a variety of interest groups, and other professionals, concerned with the issue of lobbying and its regulation. He has consulted with the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU); the Public Relations Institute of Ireland; Transparency International; the Irish Business Employers Confederation (IBEC); the Academy of Social Science, Prague; the Respekt Institut, Prague; the European Centre for Public Affairs, Brussels; and GR Congress, Moscow.

Finally, John is a three time recipient of IRCHSS research scholarships. He was awarded postgraduate IRCHSS scholarships (totalling €65k) for his MA and Ph.D research in 1999 and 2002 respectively. In 2008, along with colleagues Prof. Gary Murphy and Dr. Raj Chari he was awarded a senior research scholarship from the IRCHSS (€90k). This scholarship has funded his research into worldwide lobbying regulations.