Policy on Additional Subject-Specific Tuition

The purpose of additional one-on-one subject-specific tuition (a.k.a. "grinds") is to ensure equity of participation, i.e. to ensure that students have an equal opportunity to participate in, and engage with, the academic curriculum. The Disability Support Service takes great care to ensure that students are not granted an unfair advantage over other students who do not have access to funding for grinds. Students registered with the Disability Support Service and in receipt of funding from the National Access Office Fund for Students with Disabilites may be granted additional subject-specific tuition, subject to the criteria below.

Additional subject-specific tuition may be provided to students who, for reasons relating to their disability, are unable to fully participate/engage in regularly scheduled lectures/tutorials. Examples of such students include, but are not exclusive to:

  • - students who miss significant class time due to hospitalisation for a reason related to their disability, or
  • - students who miss significant class time due to frequent consultant/specialist appointments for reasons relating to their disability, or
  • - students whose disability prevents them from fully participating/engaging in regularly scheduled lectures/tutorials, e.g. students with significant visual impairments or significant hearing difficulties

Grinds will not be provided to students who, for example:

  • - are not prevented by their disability from attending/participating in regularly scheduled lectures/tutorials
  • - miss regularly scheduled lectures/tutorials for reasons not directly related to their disability (temporary illness, missed transport, etc.)
  • - are seeking to improve on a grade previously achieved

Grinds are only available during the course of the academic year (1st September - 30th June) and are not available during July and August.

Students who are experiencing difficulties in mathematics should avail of the Maths Learning Support Centre (MLSC), which runs appointment-free, drop-in sessions throughout the academic year in a number of locations. Details are available here: http://www.dit.ie/mlsc.  

Students who are experiencing difficulties in writing should avail of the Academic Writing Centre (AWC). Details are available here: http://dit.ie/awc.

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