Controlling Your Asthma

The whole aim of managing asthma is to put you in control of your asthma, rather than letting asthma control you.  The best way of getting control of your asthma is to work in close partnership with your doctor or practice nurse. Together, you will be able to decide whether you are getting the best treatment for your asthma.

How can I tell if my asthma is getting better or worse?

As well as using a peak flow meter there are other ways in which you can keep a check on your asthma.  Symptoms are just as important so if you notice any of the following, then you should see your doctor who can help to bring your asthma back under control:

  • Waking at night with coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath or a tight chest

  • Increased shortness of breath on waking up in the morning

  • Needing more and more reliever treatment or reliever not working very well

  • Unable to continue your usual level of activity or exercise.

If you are concerned about your asthma control, then arrange an appointment with the doctor or nurse at the DIT Student Health Centre.