Do I have a Head Cold or Flu?

Head Cold


Sore throat 


Blocked sinuses


Mild Headache

Loss of appetite

Runny nose

Feeling drained

Aches and pains







Aches and pains

The flu usually begins suddenly (a cold is gradual).

If you require a cert from college, please contact the DIT Student Health Centre at the time of your illness, as retrospective certificates cannot be issued.

When you might need to see a doctor

Nearly all colds and ‘flu will clear up on their own, but there are some situations where you might need to see a doctor:

  • If you have had a cough for more than two weeks, or if it is getting worse over a shorter period

  • If the catarrh that you bring up is thick and a dark yellow, brownish or greenish colour, or has spots of blood in it

  • If you have a noticeably raised temperature with a cold, or if you have ‘flu and your temperature has not gone down after 48 hours

  • If you get shortness of breath, especially if you are elderly

  • If you feel severe pain in the chest when you breathe in or cough

  • If you have had a sore throat that is not getting better after a week, or a sore throat with persistent hoarseness, a rash, a stiff neck, or difficulty in swallowing

  • If you have earache

  • If you suffer from asthma or bronchitis, as a cold may lead on to a more serious bacterial infection and need treatment with an antibiotic

For more info contact the DIT Student Health Centre

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