LGBT in the DIT

The student health centres welcome students of all sexual orientation.

As there are 300,000 lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and transgender people in Ireland these numbers will be reflected in the students who attend DIT.

If you are experiencing any difficulties with your sexuality or have any concerns about your health please feel free to come to talk to us in the Health Centre or to one of the counsellors.  It is COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL and FREE.

We use a medical computer system that is not shared with the rest of the college.  It ensures complete confidentiality.  Students notes cannot be released to a third party e.g family GP without prior written consent from the student.

There are numerous Clubs and Societies in the DIT you may wish to join one while you are here.  It includes the LGBT Society .

For many LGBT students, college is the first opportunity to be open about your sexuality.  Now that you are in the DIT you may be living away from friends and family.  Sometimes this means that students ‘come out’ in Dublin but feel it is not necessary to tell their family at home.  This can lead to double life and can be a difficult situation.  Others find that they do ‘come out’ to their friends and family.  Whether students are ‘out’ or not is entirely a personal choice.  For all students, privacy and confidentiality are really important.  Coming out is a decision a student will make when the time is right.  If a student is not ready to deal with other peoples possible negative reactions, they might postpone it until they are ready.