61st Irish Universities Chemistry Colloquium at DIT

Information for Presenters

Update 18 May

Submission of abstracts is now complete. The timetable for oral presentations will be placed on this website by 25 May. Speakers are allocated 25 minutes, including up to 5 minutes for questions. Speakers should email their presentations to michael.seery@dit.ie by Friday 12 June, 5pm. It will be possible to upload a presentation on the day, but presenters are advised to submit a presentation in advance as a fall back. Files should be MS PowerPoint files only (MS 2007 users - please save .pptx files as .ppt to ensure compatibility).

Poster Presentations

There are three poster sessions scheduled, two on Thursday and one on Friday. Posters may be portrait or landscape, not greater than A0 in size.

Abstract Submission

Please submit your abstract (for oral and poster presentations) by Friday 8th May, 5 pm to the colloquium committee. Abstracts should not exceed one page and follow the following formatting guidelines:

  • The title of the presentation should be Arial, font size 14.
  • Authors should include the presenting author name underlined and other authors. Numbers should distinguish author addresses if required. Do not include titles (eg Dr, Prof) in author list. Author text should be Arial, font size 11, italicised. Author addresses, should be font size 10, normal and include the email address of the presenting author/other as required.
  • The main text should be Arial font, size 11
  • Justified text, 1.5 line spacing, internal margin 4 cm, external margin, 2 cm, top and bottom margins 2.5 cm
  • References should follow RSC formatting. For journals, this has the format: C. V. Kumar, J. K. Barton and N. J. Turro, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 1985, 107, 5518.
  • Tables/figures etc should be given a legend (Figure 1: This is the figure title) and cited in the text as "Fig. 1", "Table 1" etc. The legend should be one font size smaller than the text and in bold font, centred on the page. Table legends appear above the table, figure legends below.
  • Abstracts must not exceed one page.

Colloquium Abstract is available to download with preset formatting.

Please submit abstracts to colloquium@dit.ie and copy to michael.seery@dit.ie. Any queries should be sent to michael.seery@dit.ie