Meet the 2013/14 team

Caoimhe Hand - DT299T

My experience as a student in DIT has been nothing but positive. DIT has a relaxed and friendly environment, with close-knit communities at every college. Our classes may be small, but this allows us to form real friendships and to receive one-on-one tutoring time with our lecturers. I really feel like we get to know everyone around us, and our lecturers really care for their students. This kind of environment may not be experienced at larger institutions where class-groups may be made up of 400+ students. DIT is a happy community where the students are the most important thing. Being in DIT for just one year has allowed me personally to grow as a person, broaden my social circles, become a more outgoing person, and of course to begin my career as a scientist. I look forward to my future years at DIT, and would recommend it to anyone.

Sarah Gilligan – DT221

My experience so far at DIT has been absolutely fantastic! The staff are very friendly and approachable so if you're having difficulty with a topic you know they'll be happy to talk to you about it and help you. Each module starts at a very basic level so it's much easier to grasp a subject if you have never studied it before. The class size tends to be fairly small so you get to know the students in other courses easier. It's very easy to travel to because of where Kevin Street is located. Overall, I've had a very positive experience as a student here and would definitely recommend it to anyone considering studying physics.

Zineb Nouhi – DT205

I was a class rep for my first year and I’ve been heavily involved with the Student Union and also I met students from other courses in DIT and I got to know about their courses and interact with them. I was also involved in this years shadowing day.I'm currently a peer mentor with the access service, and I've been heavily involved organising the orientation programme week and other access service events

Rachel Harding – DT222

I really enjoyed my first year at DIT. My course is Physics Technology, and I really loved learning physics through the exciting method of PBL. We got to work in small groups, and it was very easy to get to know the students and the lecturers. Everyone was very friendly and helpful, and this made the transition from second level to third level much easier, more fun and less daunting! And I’m really looking forward to second year!

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