ENSSAT Lannion Summer School

The School of Computing recently hosted the ENSSAT Lannion Summer School. Now running into its third year the week long course is a joint collaboration between Dublin Institute of Technology and ENSSAT (École Nationale Supérieure des Sciences Appliquées et de Technologie) Lannion a well renowned engineering school affiliated with the University of Rennes in Brittany.

As part of the collaboration Students from ENSSAT Lannion come to DIT Kevin Street and undertake a week long intensive course in Data Analytics and Machine Learning. The course is presented  and lectured by Prof. John Kelleher from the DIT School of Computing. Throughout the week 24 students from the ENSSAT graduate school took part in an intensive schedule which featured topics related to Data Analytics and Machine Learning.  The course introduced the students to predictive modelling, the tasks associated with assessing data quality, a range of machine learning algorithms used to build predictive models, and the methodologies and metrics used to evaluate predictive model.

Throughout the course the students worked in teams with each team assigned a different data analytics problem which they were tasked with solving together. The course finished with each team presenting their work, including the models they built throughout the week.

Based on the success of the summer school over the last number of year the partnership between DIT and ENSSAT has strengthened and a number of new initiatives are developing out of this partnership. Next September 5 students from ENSSAT will come to DIT as part of their ERASMUS activities and take part in the School of Computing’s MSc. in Computing (Data Analytics). Also, Prof. Kelleher from DIT will travel to Lannion in October 2017 to represent DIT at the international week festival celebrating the 30th anniversary of Erasmus.

 DIT School of Computing, May 2017.

For further information please contact John D. Kelleher (john.d.kelleher@dit.ie)

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