DT228 Graduate Wins Top Award for Sleep Apnoea Detection System


Two graduates of our DT228 course, Deirdre Corr and Sanita Tifentale have both been honoured at the prestigious Undergraduate Awards in the Computer Science Category.  Sanita was highly commended for her project  on a system to monitor the power consumption of home electronic devices. Deirdre Corr came out on top in the Computer Science category as the ‘Overall Winner’ for her project on a Sleep Apnoea Detection System.

Both of these students have fought off considerable competition to win these awards.  To make the shortlist means you are not just at the top of your field in Ireland but are at the top of your field globally as the shortlist itself includes students from Durham University, St Andrews,  Australian National University, Manchester University and Nayang Technological University.


Deirdre Corr



Winner of the Irish Undergraduate Awards for


Sleep Apnoea Detection System





 Sanita Tifentale



Highly Commended Undergraduate Award for


System to monitor the power consumption of home electronic devices




Congratulating the students on their outstanding achievement Professor Brian Norton said "These students have already excelled in their studies with us, and this Award confirms the quality of their work.  I heartily congratulate them, not only on their awards but also for putting their work forward for review as part of the very prestigious Undergraduate Awards.  I also congratulate colleagues who have mentored and encouraged them to do so and I hope many more DIT students will do so in the future."

Deirdre and Sanita were already both recepients of top prizes at the Schools recent Project Fair back in April of this year taking home the most Innovative Software Engineering Project and Best Overall Project respectively.  The recent commendations by the Undergraduate Awards is a further testament of the overall quality of both their projects. To have one student on the shortlist would itself be a great success for the school and a testament to the quality of the  DT228 course, but to have two DT228 students on the shortlist and an eventual winner is a major triumph.

Computer Science is a domain that suffers from lack of gender diversity with considerably more males than females taking undergraduate programmes. Deirdre and Sanita’s achievements are all the more interesting, when this is considered and they are an example to all aspiring students- male and female – of what can be achieved in this field.  We are all very proud of their achievements here at the School of Computing.


The Undergraduate Awards is the world’s only pan-discipline academic awards programme that identifies leading creative thinkers through their undergraduate coursework. It is in operation across the island of Ireland since 2009, and became a global programme in 2011.  It aims to recognise the best students in the world and to connect them to one another so as to encourage inter-disciplinary cooperation that transcends borders. This year the Undergraduate Awards 2015 programme received 5,117 submissions from undergraduates in 255 universities across 39 countries.

All the Winners and Highly Commended Entrants are now invited to receive their Gold Medals and meet their fellow awardees at the annual UA Global Summit, taking place in Dublin, Ireland on November 10th-13th. The Summit will be addressed by philosopher AC Grayling, physicist Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell, photographer Giles Dudley, human genome sequencer Craig Venter, and the world’s youngest professor Dr. Alia Sabur, among many more speakers and facilitators.

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How to flip a classroom!


Most of us have tried to flip a pancake at some time in our lives. The more adventurous may have flipped a somersault, or maybe even a dive, but if you ever wanted to know how to flip an entire classroom, check out the following from DIT's School of Computing:- http://tinyurl.com/hs7c2qp

In 2013, the DIT School of Computing embarked on an ambitious five year project to incorporate online Flipped Classrooms as a core part of its programmes. A suite of modules on Cloud Computing, Programming, Algorithms and Computer Technology are now available in this format. A Global Classroom is being delivered for the fourth time this year, where teams of international students from Dublin, Korea, Finland and Germany work together across timezones on a software development project, mimicking the experience of working in a major ICT multinational. 


'Feedback from learners has been very positive,' said Brian Gillespie, project manager for the School of Computing's Flexible Learning strategy. 'We've managed to mix the flexibility of online delivery for theoretical material, and preserved the face-to-face contact with the lecturer in the practical labs, which is providing a much better learning experience overall'.

'It's not without its challenges,' says Peter Manifold, the instructional designer who helps academic staff produce the online content. 'It takes lecturers a while to become comfortable with how they look and sound and adapt their own style to the format'

Further modules in Databases, Object Oriented Programming, Machine Learning and Team Computing are planned for September 2016. 



DIT School of Computing, 22nd February 2016. For further information please contact Brian Gillespie (brian.x.gillespie@dit.ie) or Peter Manifold (peter.manifold@dit.ie)

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