GETMƎ - Global Entrepreneurial Talent Management 3

DIT School of Computing recently secured funding through the highly competitive Marie-Curie Research and Innovation Staff Exchange programme for a project called "GETM3 – Global Entrepreneurial Talent Management 3". Led by Dr. Alison Pearse of Northumbria University, GETM3 is a multi-sector, multi-disciplinary 4-year project which brings together 15 industry and higher education partners from 5 countries (UK, Korea, Ireland, Poland and Slovenia). It enables a network of experienced and next generation researchers from across Europe and South Korea to spend up to a month on staff exchanges between the partners, with the ultimate aim of enhancing learning and knowledge exchange, enabling researcher development, and to create on-going and international partnerships across academic institutions and with community partners.
"Developing global software innovation skill sets in our Computer Science graduates has been a goal for our School for a number of years," said Dr. Deirdre Lillis, Head of School of Computing. "GETM3 provides an unique research platform of multi-sector, multi-disciplinary and international perspectives which will enable us to ensure our curricula and research are at the highest international standards."
"GET-ME-3 addresses a key issue in today's workforce," said Professor Michael Devereux, Director and Dean of the College of Sciences and Health in DIT, "that of integrating the expectations and energies of the so-called 'millennial' generation into more traditionally organised companies". 
Global Entrepreneurial Talent Management 3 - focuses on individuals, universities and small business with the aim of creating a broader understanding of entrepreneurial learning. DIT is partnering with two other Dublin-based partners,  ISME - the Irish Small to Medium Enterprise Association and Dublin City University. 
DIT staff and researchers from any discipline can become involved in GETM3 and information sessions will be organised in the coming weeks. 

DIT School of Computing, January 2017. For further information please contact Dr Deirdre Lillis (
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