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How long does it take to complete the MSc programme?

The full-time MSc takes 17 months to complete, starting in Sept and finishing in January two years later.  It consists of 2 semesters of taught modules and a semester to complete the MSc Dissertation.  The Dissertation is normally completed during Sept to Jan of the second year.  For students who require it, the Dissertation can be completed over the summer months. 

The part-time MSc takes a mimimum of two years to complete but students can take it at their own pace.

What are the fees?

Students pay a single annual fee on the full-time programme and pay a fee per module on the part-time programme. Details of fees are available here.

Where are classes held?

Classes are held on the Kevin Street campus.

How often do I have to attend?

Full-time students attend approximately 20 hours per week during the daytime.  Some of these hours may be in the evening time with certain classes on selected Saturdays during the semester.

The recommended pathway for part-time students who wish to complete the programme in two years is to attend either three nights each week or two nights plus occasional Saturdays each semester.   However, part-time students can complete the programme at their own pace selecting a subset of the modules available each semester.    

What times are classes at?

Classes for full-time students are spread across the day and evening time during the week.

Part-time classes are typically 6.30pm to 9.30pm on Mondays to Thursdays and all day on the scheduled Saturdays. Certain 10 ECTS modules run from 6pm to 10pm during the week. 

When during the year are classes and exams scheduled?

Exams are scheduled at the end of each semester, normally January and May timeframes.  The DIT Academic calendar will give details of the actual exam weeks each year. 

Can I get recognition for previous education or work experience?

Yes it is possible to get recognition for prior learning or experience.  The Course Chairperson can provide details by emailing cspg@dit.ie.

What do graduates of the MSc in Computing programme say about it?

Some reflections on the MSc in Computing programmes are available here.

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