Learn about our MSc programmes from the reflections of some of our graduates:

"The course was very informative and fulfilling both on a personal level and on an academic level.

Going back to study was daunting and something that I had deferred for a long time, but the reward was worth the sacrifice.

The lecturers were well informed, up to date but most of all extremely approachable whether it was on notes or feedback or just support, an excellent team.

As a mature student returning to education I was looking for a course that met my requirements academically, but also a team of lecturers who wereaware of the specific issues of being a mature student, working full-time and studying part-time. Both these criteria were exceeded in DIT.  The support and friendliness of Lecturers, Library staff and all staff in DIT Kevin Street played a major role in the completion of my Masters degree program.  I would recommend DIT to anybody who wants to achieve their full  potential."

MSc in Computing (Information Technology) graduate, 2012

"For software development the course content really hits the spot. It has given me a opportunity to study in detail some subjects where I had previously only really scratched the surface. 

The benefits of planning and designing before coding and implementing are now tangible. Taking the ad hoc approach to development now seems like eating raw food and thinking about cooking it half way through. This is absolutely changing the way I approach software development."    

MSc in Computing (Advanced Software Development) student, 2012

"I have worked in IT related Business for over 30 years and had previously gained an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and an MBA. I found the KM Course to be the most challenging and rewarding experience of my academic and business life. It brought the human touch, process and techniques together necessary to understand knowledge and how it might be engineered to develop better systems deployed in better more co-operative organisations. It is both Art and Science , if Leonardo were alive he would lecture in it

Key to the success of the course is the knowledge and enthusiasm of the KM staff at DIT; I cannot recommend it and them enough." 

MSc in Computing (Knowledge Management) graduate, 2011

"I had decided to make a career move from the world of Telecoms/Engineering to IT/Software. As a result I decided to look around for a postgraduate course that might assist with this and at the same time bolster my 'on paper' credentials/qualifications.

I took the course part-time (3 evenings a week) while working during the day. I found it difficult but manageable to take both on at the same time. What I found was my weekends, especially when CA projects kicked off, were lost to college work. The lecturers will tell you that much more needs to be done outside of the classroom in terms of time. I found this to be the case.

Having said that being exposed to the likes of Databases, System Architectures and mobile Application Development I found most beneficial and rewarding. There is no doubt the content of the various modules became quite relevant to my experiences in the 'real world'. I particularly enjoyed the team based CA work that we had to do as part of a number of modules. I met some great people and made some new friends. I was probably fortunate in that I got myself into very strong teams where everybody pulled their weight. Together we achieved some fantastic results which only strengthened the bond we developed.

All in all a rewarding year was had in DIT, Kevin Street.

CPD Diploma in Computing (Information and Knowledge Management) graduate, 2012

"The flexibility of the program with the laddered qualification system and the ability to take modules at your own pace was a big attraction.

The lecturers and the small class sizes really help to foster a sense of togetherness and mutual assistance on the course.

The marking schemes for the modules have a good split between continuous assessment and formal examination, which enables studentsspread the workload over the entire duration of the module.

The assignments and dissertation ensure that there is a practical focus to the modules and that they do not have a purely academic/theoretical focus. 

The lecturers are very approachable and do everything they can to see the students achieve their desired results.

The lecturers are well aware and cognisant of the fact that for part time students they have pressures and calls on their time outside of college, such as work and family commitments."

MSc in Computing (Data Analytics) graduate, 2011

"I had been working as a software developer for 6 years when I started the MSc. One of my motives for doing the course was to get a formally recognised qualification, as my undergraduate degree wasn't in IT.

The course exposed me to a breadth of topics that I wouldn't have otherwise seen in my daily work. It gave me a broader appreciation of the IT 'ecosystem' I was working within. It also improved my professional confidence.

The most beneficial aspect of the course to me was the thesis; the act of researching a subject, forming and testing a hypothesis, and re-evaluating my understanding as a result was very informative.

Also, it was very useful to be exposed to quality research material, publications and authors that I wouldn't have found by myself.”

MSc in Computing (Information Technology) graduate, 2008

"The MSc Programme gave a broad spectrum of modules that allowed me to gain experience in areas that I would have not have had exposure to otherwise.  I was able to move from my previous job based on having a First Class Masters in IT.  My present company have a high concentration of employees that hold a Masters level qualification - so this made a big difference for me.”

MSc in Computing (Information Technology) graduate, 2009

"The course helped me to introduce and implement KM in the company I was working in at the time. It also helped my career as a Business Analyst in that much of my job is gathering requirements from users and extracting knowledge and trying to convert tacit to explicit in the best way possible. It also introduced me to the difficulty of doing this and the change management that has to be considered also.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learned a lot, so much so that I am considering studying a PhD in the future in a similar discipline."

MSc in Computing (Knowledge Management) graduate, 2010

"The variety and the quality of courses on offer have enabled me to develop an understanding of IT skills not normally seen in the day to day working environments which in turn have inspired me to take a greater interest in the 'bigger picture'.

However the course proved even more invaluable in developing transferable personal skills required by workers today in creating and exposing organisational knowledge not only for the benefit of the organisation as a whole but also the workers themselves.

The eclectic mix of students / lecturers who enrolled / teach on the KM course have been invaluable particularly in developing contacts  - especially to someone who is new to the country and / or industry."

MSc in Computing (Knowledge Management) graduate, 2010 

"Looking to augment my meagre IT skills – having worked in the academic publishing industry for a decade with humanities background – I sought out an engaging and challenging program. Suggested to me by a friend, the DIT MSc in KM offers an insight into core IT competencies (s/w development methodologies; enterprise architecture; database principles and design), information and knowledge management paradigms (Knowledge Systems Analysis and Design; Problem solving and communication) and specialist applied optional modules (Universal Design, IT & law) that were fascinating, engaging and useful.

Support and guidance from the programme leaders was always available, and the background and careers of fellow students was hugely varied – thus generating a multiplicity of perspectives –  and added a whole new dimension."

MSc in Computing (Knowledge Management) student, 2012 

"I entered the MSc at DIT with little IT knowledge, but with a real desire to change my career path and carve out new opportunities. I am now at the closing stages of my MSc, I am in the process of setting up my own Digital Marketing and Business Consultancy company. I was an unemployed construction worker; with the help and support of the MSc team at DIT I now have a new career, a new start in life and hope for the future.

The MSc is an all-round programme; the theory is matched with the practical, I had little IT knowledge, yet, I was helped and supported through a number of practical IT processes including, developing an Android App for a craft brewery, project managing the merger of two small companies and being able to advise them on IT hard and software, engaging with an acquisition process with experts in relation to Digital marketing, presenting a one-day training event for context specific industry experts and supported by one of my lecturers.

Two years ago I struggled to send e-mail, today I discuss systems architecture with industry experts, I recently discussed the merits of social media in digital marketing campaigns with one of Ireland’s leading digital marketing experts.

During the Case-Studies module of the MSc, industry experts were introduced and we were able to ask questions of those experts, so that we could understand what industry needed from us and we could measure what we could give to industry. I thank God that I and many of my fellow students have been able to secure new or improved career opportunities."

MSc in Computing (Information & Knowledge Management) Springboard student, 2012

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