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IT Skills - Self Assessment

The purpose of this online tool is to give you an estimated level of skill that you possess in any given IT System or Software. To use this effectively please indicate your familiarity with each topic below - 1 is least familiar and 5 is most familiar. There are 20 topics in all and your final score is calculated based on your ranking (i.e. if you ranked all 20 at 5 then this would be a maximum score of 100).

If you are unsure of the topic name please start the application to check that you may know the topic but by a different name. If there is a topic which you have never heard of do not select a rating at all.

Once completed, your score will be calculated based upon your answers and this will be emailed back to you. If you achieve a score of 75 or more you are most likely considered to be at this level of competence. If you have scored less than 75 you may wish to discuss a training requirement with your manager at your next PMDS PDP meeting. If, on the other hand, the result is less than you expected, you may wish to discuss the outcome with the IT Training section at