Dissemination of research results

Wordle for dissemination of research results

As this Wordle demonstrates it is not a simple matter to assess how much influence particular people, ideas, products or organisations have on others or the ways in which that happens.  When thinking about impact the researcher should identify potential users and stakeholders, articulate a clear understanding of the context and needs of users, consider ways for the research to impact on these needs and think about existing engagement with relevant end users.  In this context, it should be remembered that research led teaching is a measure of impact and this can be clearly assessed by the clarity of conclusions to aid learning and the provision of case studies and examples.

Engaging with impact means that it becomes the responsibility of the researcher to ensure the maximum visibility of their research using a variety of methods to disseminate the findings of the research. This will be through the published literature which will result in Bibliometrics being applied but a researcher should also employ other means open to them such as Open Access Publishing, the use of Social Media, Altmetrics and Data Sharing. 

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