Erasmus+ Grant 2015/2016

The Grant amount a student receives per month they are abroad is based on the below table. These amounts are decided and approved by the Higher Education Authority of Ireland, and are not set by the DIT.

  Countries Study Traineeship
Group 1 Denmark, Ireland, France, Italy, Austria, Finland, Sweden, United Kingdom, Liechtenstein, Norway 270EUR 370EUR
Group 2 Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Spain, Croatia, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Iceland, Turkey 220EUR 320EUR
Group 3 Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 220EUR 320EUR

During an Erasmus+ mobility a participant will only receive a maximum of 2 payments. These payments are made upon receipt of the completed forms as explained here

There are only ever two payments made to any participant, after arrival in the host organisation, and after departure from the host organisation.

At the start of the mobility we can only estimate how long you will be abroad on your Erasmus+, and we use this estimation of months to calculate your first payment. The first payment will be 80% of your estimated duration multiplied by the appropiate grant level for your host country as indicated above. Your estimated duration will be entered into your Grant Contract.

At the end of your mobility we will take the start date from your confirmation of arrival document, and the end date of your confirmation of departure document and use these to calculate your actual duration.

Please note:

  • If this duration is more than the original estimated duration your second allocation grant will be increased to reflect this change.
  • If it is less than the original estimated duration your second allocation grant will be decreased to reflect this also.
  • The minimum duration for a Traineeship mobility is 2 months, and the minimum duration for a Study mobility is 3 months.

Payment Schedules

Each month there is a closing date for receipt of forms. The closing dates are indicated in the below table.  Payments are made no more than once a month.

Month Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb. Mar Apr. May Jun. Jul.
Closing Date 15th 15th 15th 05th NA 15th 15th 15th 15th 15th 15th
Payment Date no later than 30th 30th 30th 15th NA 28th 30th 30th 30th 30th 30th

There is no way to know exactly as to when the final date that payment will be made each month as it is dependant on a number of internal as well as external factors.

Once payments are confirmed, all participants who were deemed eligible for payment that month will be sent an email confirming same.

These payment schedules apply whether you are due payment one or payment two.

Participants who miss the closing date for form submission within a month (whether it is payment one or two) will need to submit the required forms by the closing date of the next month in order to be eligible for payment. Please see the below some examples.

Example 1

John submitted his Confirmation of Arrival on the 19th October. This was the last form he was due to submit to the DIT international office in order to release payment one. As he missed the closing date of the 15th October, John will not receive his grant until the end of November.

Example 2

Gavin started his Erasmus+ on the 01st September. He has given the International Office a completed Grant Contract, Protocol and Confirmation of Arrival form. However he is yet to provide his EHIC and completed "Before" Learning Agreement to the DIT international office. For this reason Gavin will not receive any payment until all requirements have been met. 

Example 3

Hannah started her Erasmus+ on the 09th January. She knows she has to provide her Confirmation of Arrival and completed "During" Learning Agreement as she has to make changes to her "Before" Learning Agreement due to timetable clashes. She has left the forms in for signature with her contact in the host International office.  Hannah has notified her contact within the host organisation of the urgency of the forms as the closing date is approaching. The host International office have said they will send them directly to the DIT International Office, however they miss the closing date of the 15th January. As form submission and meeting of closing dates is the responsibility of the student and not the host organisation, Hannah's grant will not be paid until the end of February.

Example 4

Claire has just arrived back in Ireland after a 5 month traineeship. She has received payment one, and has submitted the Grant Receipt, but is yet to submit the confirmation of departure to the DIT international office. Claire will submit this on the 14th May, and once received her second payment will be issued to her by the end of May.

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