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Values in Consumption Health & Sustainablity


Project: Beyond Neoliberalism; Values and Sustainable

Consumption Behaviour


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A team from DIT’s Environmental, Sustainability and Health Institute (ESHI) have secured funding from the Environmental Protection Agency – Ireland (EPA) under the EPA’s Research Sustainability Pillar to explore ways to gain a better understanding of the values and motivations that influence sustainable consumption behaviour in Irish society. The work will address core societal values with regard in particular to their intrinsic as well as extrinsic dimensions and address the consequences of this in terms of a framework for citizen empowerment, governance and sustainable policy development in the drive for a new environmental paradigm.



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Dr Vivienne Byers Principal Investigator

School of Management, College of Business,

Dublin Institute of Technology, Aungier Street, Dublin 2.

Tel.: +353 402 3186 E-mail: vivienne.byers@dit.ie


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Dr Alan Gilmer,  Co-Investigator, 

Environmental Sustainability & Health Institute, Greenway Hub,                          

Dublin Institute of Technology, Grangegorman,                                                                               ‌

Dublin D07 H6K8

Tel.: +353 1 402 3806 E-mail: alan.gilmer@dit.ie


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