Technologies currently available

DIT Hothouse works with researchers across the the five areas of research within ESHI to develop technologies to a stage where they are commercially focused, have demonstrated market potential and are industry-ready with the capability of providing significant competitive advantages. Currently, DIT Hothouse has a range of technologies available at various stages of development to companies across a wide variety of sectors. 

Extraction of Anti-Tumour and Pesticidal Compounds from Rhubarb

A nutraceutical and biomining technology extraction process from Rhubarb that has potential anti-pesticidal and anti-tumour properties.                          

Published: 10 Mar 2015   |   Inventor(s): Catherine Barry-RyanJafar Alqudah


Rapid Single-Step Fungi Detection

A rapid, low-cost biodiagnostic field test for general fungal infections based on colour changes resulting from fungal toxin excretions.                            

Published: 10 Mar 2015   |   Inventor(s): Furong Tian


Fat Reduction in Food: Enhanced food oil spreadability using non-thermal plasma

This is a novel technology for enhancing oil spreadability on food products. The process involves passing dry, snack foods through a plasma curtain before spreading food-grade oil (e.g. vegetable, sunflower, animal fat oil) over the product surface.
Published: 23 Jan 2014   |   Inventor(s): PJ Cullen  

Ionic Liquid Sensing

Ionic liquid sensing for iodide detection in urine, perchlorate detection in drinking water and industrial and medical uses including drug delivery and chemical sensing.
Published: 10 Mar 2015   |   Inventor(s): Benjamin SchazmannAleksandar Radu

Filtration of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Heavy Metals from Water

A cost effective commercial solution for the combined filtration of heavy metals and estrogen from waste water and drinking water supplies, benefitting both the environment and human health.
Published: 10 Mar 2015

Raman Spectroscopy for Molecule Detection and Analysis

Raman is an advanced spectroscopic technique with applications in disease diagnosis, identification of biochemical markers, and drug discovery.
Published: 10 Mar 2015   |   Inventor(s): Fiona LyngAidan MeadeOrla HoweLinda Vega CarrascalLisa WhiteAdrian Maguire
Energy Market Models for Electricity, Gas, and End-Use
Energy market models for a variety of commercial applications including customer demand profiling, end-user market segmentation, gas network demand forecasting and electricity wholesale price estimation.
Published: 10 Mar 2015 
Spiral Store: A Compact Thermal Energy Storage Device
Spiral Store is a new type of thermal heat storage unit which involves using Phase Change Material (PCM) around a spiral triple chamber to store and release large amounts of energy at a time. The device can be used for both hot thermal storage and cold thermal storage at an industrial scale, in particular for district heating applications.
Published: 9 Mar 2015   |   Inventor(s): Mick McKeeverMarek Rebow

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