DIT researchers Alan Gilmer & Vivienne Byers secure funding from the EPA for their research on sustainability

Date Posted: 14 September, 2016


We are delighted to announce that ESHI researchers Dr. Alan Gilmer & Dr. Vivienne Byers secured €83,140 in funding from the EPA for their research on sustainability. The EPA’s current Research Programme 2014–2020 is built around three pillars -Sustainability, Climate and Water.

Dr. Gilmer and Dr. Byer's research will look at an approach that addresses the systematic, structural, and institutional perspectives on how institutions, through public policy initiatives, can develop and sustain change in behaviour towards sustainability in the future. The proposed research aims to explore ways to gain process understanding of the values and motivations that influence sustainable consumption behaviour in society. It also seeks to define the interplay of these societal paradigms with regard to their influence on an individual’s intrinsic and extrinsic values and motivations. This in turn will inform the development of a knowledge based framework for governance and ensure resilient sustainable policy development. Read more here.

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