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DIT is the largest third level college in Ireland. It is a multi-level, research-informed higher education institution offering programmes across the whole spectrum of higher education. It is conscious of its societal role and is committed to providing access to higher education for students of different ages and backgrounds, and to achieving quality and excellence in all aspects of its work.

With respect to FluenCi, its key characteristics are that it:

  • has the largest third-level school of modern languages in the country
  • provides a multi-level, learner-centred environment
  • has strong postgraduate and research arms
  • strongly supports multidisciplinary programmes
  • is closely allied with and responsive to industry
  • has strong international links
  • has the largest Learning and Teaching Centre at tertiary level in Ireland
  • supports non-standard students and wishes to expand its range of Open and Distance Learning programmes

Visit its website at: www.dit.ie

You might also like to visit the website of the Digital Media Centre and see other projects the DIT are involved in: www.dmc.dit.ie


DIT's Role in FluenCi

DIT conceived the idea behind the project and, based on its experience in national and international collaborative research, will lead the FluenCi project. With over 8 yrs experience in language technology research, its chief task will be to use its skills in language teaching, speech technologies and software development to construct audio assets for the structured learning materials.

DIT leads 3 workpackages:

WP1 Management: including the financial management of the project

WP3 Specification+Design: DIT will concentrate on the production of learning materials, mindful of its main language research vision: to prepare learners to cope with native-to-native spoken language.

WP4 Asset Production: DIT has considerable experience in the production of speech technologies and is currently building a state-of-the-art audio facility, which will be made available to the FluenCi project. It will also assess the possibility of producing a mobile iTouch version for the school target group.

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