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Dr Liu Goggin is assistant lecturer at the School of Food Science and Environmental Health, and the co-ordinator for the Dublin Institute of Technology's International Pre-Master Programme. She received her PhD in entrepreneurship from University College Dublin, Ireland. Her research addressed the nature of entrepreneurship in China when compared against a well-established literature on the process in Western economies; this was a ground-breaking study, which provided a substantial insight into the entrepreneurial process in the rapidly emerging market economy in China.

Previously, she served as an Assistant Director at the School of Business, University College Dublin. She was responsible for pioneering and developing partnerships between the Chinese universities and the UCD Business School, the School now maintains several key inter-university relationships with prestigious top ranked Chinese institutions. The success of these enduring relationships has been entirely due to her contacts and ability to understand and work effectively in the Chinese cultural domain. As a result the School now has a predictable and stable pipeline of undergraduate and graduate students who come to Dublin to pursue their studies. During her time at the School of Business, UCD, she taught both undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Ireland, China, Singapore and Hong Kong. 


PhD (University College Dublin, Ireland), MC.omm (University College Dublin, Ireland), BSc (HUST, China).


Academic and Teaching Interests

  • International Programme Co-ordination
  • International collaborative programme development, course curricula design, student validation and implementation
  • Teaching  modules:
    • Food & Nutraceutical Marketing
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Principles of Management and Marketing
    • Cross Cultural Management
    • Managing Cultural Diversity
    • Management of Organisations


Research Interests

Her current research interests include Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Cross cultural interactions, Organizational behaviour, Leadership and International business and  International collaboration programmes curricula design and its applications.




Book chapters

  • Goggin, L., Kelly, A., Hulpke, J.F. & Lau, C. 2007. Good guanxi, bad guanxi? Drawing the line. In Hooker, J., Hulpke, J.F. & Madsen, P. (Eds). Controversies in international corporate responsibility, Charlottesville Virgnia, Philosophy Documentation Center, International Corporate Responsibility Series, vol. 3. pp: 297-312.
  • Huang, Z., Roche, F., Ryan, D., Goggin, L. 2007. The Cultural Consequences of Opportunity Recognition and Exploitation – The Case of Transnational Entrepreneurs vs. Indigenous Entrepreneurs. Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research, vol. 7, issue 6.
  • Goggin, L., Kelly, A., Hulpke, J.F., Lau, C. & To, M. 2005. Guanxi: What the Irish see, and do not see. In Zhao, S., (Ed.), Human Resource Management and Development in a Transitional Economy: pp: 625-633. Nanjing University Press.
  • Goggin, L., (Yang) Implications of Sound on TV Educational Programs). Journal of China Distance Education, Vol. 1, 1st. Qtr. 1994.
  • Goggin, L., (Yang) Analysis of the participation in and awareness of TV educational productions Journal of Modern Distance Education, Vol. 3, 1992.

Conference papers:

  • Goggin L., Roche, F., Kelly, A., 2010. Regional culture differences impact on entrepreneurial orientation in China 13th Annual Conference the Irish Academy of Management, 1-3 September 2010.
  • Goggin, L., Roche, F., Kelly, A., 2007. The Relationship between Chinese Culture and Entrepreneurial Orientation. Presented at ICSB 2007 World Conference, Turku, Finland
  • Goggin, L., Kelly, A., Hulpke, J.F. & Lau, C. 2006. Good guanxi, Bad guanxi? Drawing the line. Presented at Third Conference on International Corporate Responsibility, Hong Kong.
  • Goggin, L., Kelly, A., Hulpke, J.F., Lau, C. & To, M. 2005. Guanxi: What the Irish see, and do not see. Presented at the 5th International Symposium on Business Management, Nanjing.
  • Goggin, L., Kelly, A. 2005. Perceptions, Influences and Consequences of Guanxi for Western Organizations doing Business in China. Presented at the Irish Academy of Management Conference, Galway, Ireland.
  • Goggin, L., Kelly, A. 2004. How Do Irish Organizations Doing Business in China Perceive Guanxi? Presented at the International Association for Chinese Management Research, Beijing, China,


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