Dr Gemma Kinsella


Assistant Lecturer 

Room B2.06, Sackville Place 

Phone (01) 402 7541

Email gemma.kinsella@dit.ie 


Dr Kinsella received her PhD from the Department of Chemistry in TCD in 2005 and  subsequently was a postdoctoral fellow in the Molecular Design Group (MDG) in the Department of Biochemistry, TCD.

She additionally worked with the Irish Centre for High End Computing (ICHEC) and IBM before completing an IRCSET‌ and a HRB postdoctoral fellowship in the Membrane Protein Lab, of the Department of Biology, NUIM.

Research Interests

Her research focuses on protein structure prediction and the early stages of drug development for diseases encompassing Type II Diabetes,

genetically pre-disposed obesity, auto-immune conditions and Parkinson’s Disease. Research projects include: Ongoing projects:

  • “Adhesion receptors understanding structure and function” – collaboration with Prof Findlay,    Maynooth University, MU.
  • “GPR21/GPR105-novel Diabetes targets” - collaboration with Dr Benetti, Turin and Prof Findlay MU.
  • “Dipyrromethane derivatives as potent and selective blockers of Kv1 channels associated with  multiple sclerosis”collaboration with Dr. Kieran Nolan, and J. Oliver Dolly, Dublin City University (DCU).
  • “Design of a novel lead molecule with potential to treat sepsis”-collaboration with Prof Moynagh MU.
  • “Expression, in silico modelling and selective inhibition of Nitric Oxide Synthase enzymes collaboration with Dr. John Stephens NUIM and Dr Fintan Kelleher, IT Tallaght.



  • Accepted Nov 2015, Active Learning in Higher Education “Using pre-lecture activities to enhance learner engagement in a large group setting”.
  • Al-Sabi, A., Daly, D.,  Hoefer, P., Kinsella, G.K., Metais, C., Pickering, M., Herron, C., Kaza, S.K.Nolan, K., Dolly, J.O., A rational design of a selective inhibitor for Kv1.1 channels prevalent in demyelinated nerves that improves their impaired axonal conduction, J. Med Chem, 2017, 60(6). 
  • Leonard, S.; Kinsella, G.K., Benetti, E., Findlay, J.B., “Regulating the effects of GPR21, a novel target for type 2 diabetes” Sci Rep. 2016 May 31;6:27002.
  • Martin DS, Leonard S, Devine R, Redondo C, Kinsella GK, et al “Novel mitochondrial complex I inhibitors restore glucose-handling abilities of high-fat fed mice”. J Mol Endocrinol. 2016 Apr;56(3):261-71.
  • Cluxton, C., Caffrey, B., Kinsella, G.K., Moynagh, P., Fares, M., Fallon, P., "Functional conservation of an ancestral Pellino protein in helminth species", Scientific Reports, accepted May 2015.
  • Curtin, A.M., Kinsella, G.K., Stephens, J.C.,  Computational Development of Selective nNOS Inhibitors: Binding Modes and Pharmacokinetic Considerations, Current Medicinal Chemistry, accepted April 2015.
  • Daly, D., Al-Sabi, A., Kinsella, G.K., Nolan, K., Dolly, J.O., ChemComm, 2015, 51, 1066-1069. 
  • Culleton, B.A., Lall, P., Kinsella, G.K., Doyle, S., McCaffrey, J., Fitzpatrick, D.A., Burnell, A.M., (2014) 'A role for the Parkinson’s Disease protein DJ-1 as a chaperone and antioxidant in the anhydrobiotic nematode Panagrolaimus superbus.'.CELL STRESS & CHAPERONES, 2015, 20(1), 121-137. 
  • Moran C, Kinsella GK, Zhang ZR, Perrett S, Jones GW. (2013) 'Mutational analysis of Sse1 (Hsp110) suggests an integral role for this chaperone in yeast prion propagation in vivo.'.G3: GENES, GENOMES, GENETICS, 3:1409 - 1418.
  • Chapman, K.L., Findlay, J.B.C., Kinsella G.K., European Pharmaceutical Review, 17, 4, 2012.
  • Caboni,L., Kinsella G.K., Blanco, F., Fayne, D., Jagoe, N., Carr, M., Williams, D.C., Meegan M.J., Lloyd, D.G., (2012) '"True" antiandrogens-selective non-ligand-binding pocket disruptors of androgen receptor-coactivator interactions: novel tools for prostate cancer.'. JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY, 55:1635 - 1644. 
  • Matijssen, C., Kinsella, G.K., Watson, G.W. and Rozas, I., (2012) 'Computational study of the proton affinity and basicity of structurally diverse a1-adrenoceptor ligands'.JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 25:351 - 360. 
  • Griffin, B.,Mellett,M.,Torres,A.,Kinsella, G.K.,Wang,B. Moynagh,P., (2011) ''A poxviral homolog of the Pellino protein inhibits Toll and Toll-like receptor signalling'. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY, 41:798 - 812. 
  • Campos-Sandoval, J.A, Redondo, C., Kinsella, G.K., Pal, A., Jones, G., Eyre, G.S., Hirst, S.C., Findlay, J.B.C, (2011) 'Fenretinide derivatives act as disrupters of interactions of serum retinol binding protein (sRBP) with transthyretin and the sRBP receptor.'. JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY, 54:4378 - 4387. 
  • Onnis, V., Kinsella, G.K., Carta, G., Jagoe, W.N., Price, T., Williams, D.C., Fayne, D., Lloyd, D.G., (2010) 'Virtual screening for the identification of novel nonsteroidal glucocorticoid modulators.'. JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY, 53:3065 - 3074.
  • Onnis, V., Kinsella, G.K., Carta, G., Fayne, D., Lloyd,D.G.,Future Med Chem, 2009, 1, 3, 483-499.
  • Onnis, V., Kinsella, G.K., Carta, G., Fayne, D., Lloyd,D.G., Future Med Chem, 2009, 1, 2, 345-359
  • Chapman, K., Kinsella, G.K.,Cox, A.,Donnelly, D.,Findlay, J.B.C, (2010) 'Interactions of the melanocortin-4 receptor with the peptide agonist NDP-MSH.'. JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, 401:433 - 450.
  • Kinsella, G.K., Watson, G.W., Rozas, I., (2006) 'Computational Study of Antagonist/alpha(1A) Adrenoceptor Complexes-Observations of Conformational Variations on the Formation of Ligand/Receptor Complexes.'. JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY, 26:501 - 510.
  • Kinsella, G.K., Rodriguez, F., Watson, G.W., Rozas, I., Bioorgan. Med. Chem, 2007, 15, 8, 2850-2855.
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  • Kinsella, G.K., Watson, G.W., Rozas, I., BBRC, 2005, 333, 3, 737-741.
  • Kinsella, G.K., Rozas, I., Watson, G.W., BBRC, 2004, 324, 916-921.

Patent Applications:

  • TCD, Nov 2011           -              European patent office (EP11192470.0)
  • MU, Oct 2011             -              PCT/EP2012/071286. (2012)

Book chapter “Avoiding proteolysis during protein purification” in Protein Chromatography: Methods and Protocols; Editors: Dermot Walls, PhD and Sinead T. Loughran, PhD. Springer. 

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