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Dr. Denis O Shea holds a BSc (Hons) Chemistry from the National University of Ireland, Maynooth and having completed a study into the design and synthesis of novel chemotherapeutic compounds [within the Inorganic Pharmaceutical and Biomimetic Research Group under the supervision of Dr. Michael Devereux] was awarded his PhD from Dublin Institute of Technology. He joined the School of Food Science and Environmental Health as a lecturer in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical analysis in 2000.

Research Interests

  • The synthesis and characterisation of novel transition metal based complexes and investigation of their antimicrobial, anti-cancer and catalytic/biomimetic activity.

  • Design of quantitative techniques for the measurement of metal ion absorption by fungal species.

  • Design of quantitative techniques to determine ergosterol production of C. albicans

  • Investigation of photodeacctivation of sunscreens.


  • Synthesis, superoxide dismutase mimetic and anticancer activities of metal complexes of 2,2-dimethylpentanedioic acid(2dmepdaH2) and 3,3-dimethylpentanedioic acid(3dmepdaH2) X-ray crystal structures of [Cu(2dmepda)(bipy)2] 7.5H2O and [Cu(3dmepda)(bipy)2] 5H2O (bipy = 2,2 -bipyridine) M. Devereux, M. McCann, D. O Shea, M. O Connor, E. Kiely, V. McKee, D. Naughton, A. Fisher, A. Kellett, M. Walsh, D. Egan and c. Deegan, Bioinorganic Chemistry and Applications, 2005, in press(manuscript No. BCA 05-02)
  • Synthesis, antimicrobial activity and chemotherapeutic potential of inorganic derivatives of 2-(4 -thiazolyl) benzimazole {thiabendazole}: X-ray crystal structures of [Cu(TBZH)2Cl]Cl.H2O.EtOH and TBZH2NO3 (TBZH = thiabendazole) M. Devereux, M. McCann, D. O Shea, R. Kelly, D. Egan, C. Deegan and V. McKee., Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry, 2004, 98, 1023.
  • Synthesis and in-vitro antimicrobial activity of manganese (II) complexes of 2,2-dimethylpentanedioic and 3,3-dimethylpentanedioic acid: X-ray crystal structure of [Mn(3dmepda)(phen)2] 7.5H2O (3dmepdaH2 = 3,3-dimethylpentanedioic acid and phen = 1,10-phenanthroline). M. Devereux, M. McCann, V. Leon, R. Kelly, D. O Shea and V. McKee, Polyhedron, 2003, 22, 3187.
  • Insights into the mode of action of the anti-candida activity of 1,10-phenanthroline and its metal chelates M. Devereux, G.M. McCann D. O Shea, M. Geraghty, J. Mason and L O Sullivan, Metal Based Drugs, 2000, 7, 185.

Conference papers and posters

Synthesis and anti-Candida activity of inorganic derivatives of 2-(4 -thiazolyl)Benzimidazole {Thiabendazole}. D. O Shea, R. Kelly, M. Devereux, M. McCann and V. McKee a presentation given at the 55th Irish universities Chemistry Research Colloquium, Trinity College Dublin, May 2003.

Novel copper complexes: Possible alternatives to azole and polyene anti-fungal drugs. D. O Shea, B. Coyle, R. Kelly, M. Devereux, M. McCann and K. Kavanagh a presentation given at the 7th European Copper Research Group Meeting, Kings College, London, April 2002.

Novel metal complexes incorporating benzimidazole ligands: synthesis and anti-fungal activity. R. Kelly, D. O Shea, M. Devereux and M. McCann a poster presented at the 55th Irish universities Chemistry Research Colloquium, Trinity College Dublin, May 2003.

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