Buildings & Grounds

Buildings and Grounds at Grangegorman

Aerial GG viewed from North West Aerial Grangegorman (viewed from North West)

Church of Ireland (1)

  Church of Ireland
 Clock mechanism  Clock Mechanism
 Clocktower from GG Road Lower Clocktower (from Grangegorman Road Lower)
 Educate Together Sports Day - Playing Fields Grangegorman  Education Together Sports Day (Playing Fields)
 Former Nurses Training Centre - now GDA & DIT office Former Nurses Training Centre (Now GDA & DIT)
 Grangegorman Gargoyle  Grangegorman Gargoyle
 HSE Facility Construction(1) Dec. 2011  HSE Facility Construction (1) Dec. 2011
 HSE Facility Construction (2) Dec. 2011  

HSE Facility Construction (2) Dec. 2011

 Playing Fields (Clocktower in the Background)  

Playing Fields (Clocktower in the background)

RC Church Gable

RC Church Gable

Studio Building - rear

 Studio Building (Rear)

Studio Building from Grangegorman Upper

 Studio Building (from GG Road Upper)

Top House - front

Top House (Front)


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