Professional Added Years Scheme

This scheme may be availed of by staff who, because of the minimum qualifications and experience requirements pertaining to the post to which they were recruited, are not in a position to attain 40 years’ service by age 65.

The original Professional Added Years Scheme was introduced under Department of Environment Circular Letter S.6/87.

The Scheme was subsequently amended under Pen 23/05 – Professional Added Years – Amendment to the Original (1985) Scheme. The amended scheme provides for a potential award of added years to be determined by the formula:
19 (base age) + Qualifications + Experience – 25

A revised Professional Added Years Scheme for new entrants was introduced for those recruited to the public service from a competition advertised on or after 01.04.2005. The revised scheme replaces all existing scheme in the case of new entrants. Full details of this revised scheme are available in:

  • Pen 03/05 – Professional Added Years – New Scheme for staff recruited from competitions advertised on or after 01.04.2005

Should you wish to make an application under this scheme you could complete part 1 the below application form and return it to the Pensions Section of the HR Department at 143-149 Rathmines Road, Dublin 6.
Professional Added Years - Application Form

You should note that this award cannot be formally sanctioned until cessor of employment i.e. retirement.

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