Transferring Previous Service to DIT 

Transfer of Service - Education Sector Superannuation Scheme

Under the terms of the Education Sector Superannuation Scheme, previous service with other public sector organisations which operate on the Public Sector Transfer Network such as the Civil Service, the Garda Siochana, the Teaching Sector and certain other state or semi-state bodies, may be transferred to the DIT.

If you wish to investigate the possibility of transferring your previous experience to our pension scheme you should contact the Pensions Section and provide details of your previous service i.e. name of your employer, type of service (permanent, temporary, part time etc), date of service and any other relevant information.

Please be aware that a maximum of 40.0000 years service can be reckoned for pension purposes.

Transfer of  Service - Single Pension Scheme 

Presently it is not possible to transfer previous service from existing public sector schemes to the Single Pension Scheme. It is possible to transfer service in the Single Pension Scheme to other organisations which operate the Single Pension Scheme. Such transfers must be completed within 24 months of leaving the scheme. After the 24 month period expires the service cannot be reinstated. 

Previous Service in the Private Sector

The Pensions (Amendment) Act 2002 provides that an employee may use their beneficial interest in a private occupational pensions scheme to purchase notional service by lump sum.

The rules of the notional service purchase scheme are outlined in Circular Letter S.8/90 containing the original provisions of the scheme and Circular Letter 0125/2006 containing revised provisions to the scheme and revised rates.

Previous Service in the UK

The Eductaion Sector Superannuation Scheme is registered with the UK Customs and Revenue as a "Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme". Therefore, transfer values can be accepted from certain UK schemes in the same manner as transfers from Irish private sector scheme (as outlined above).

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