As a member of the academic staff at the School of Physics, Dublin Institute of Technology, delivered the following modules (one of which aimed at postgraduate students in the framework of the Dublin Region Higher Education Alliance (DRHEA)):


PHYS 0006 Holography: techniques and applications – DRHEA (2011-2012).


PHYS 4801 Quantum Physics of Solids – year 4 (DT222, DT227), (2008-2012).


PHYS 2802 Electromagnetism and Optics-year 2 (DT227,DT222,DT235), (2012).


PHYS 3801 Electromagnetism, Optics and Lasers-year 3 (DT222,DT235,DT227) (2012).


PHYS 2805 Waves and vibrations – year 2 (DT222, DT235), year 2 (2008-2012)


PHYS 1813 Physics for Health Science – year 1 (DT224), year 1 (2008-2011)


PHYS 4839 Invention, Innovation and Commercialisation –year 4 (DT222, DT227, DT235), year 4 (2011-2012).


development of new modules


Based on personal research experience two new modules have been developed:

PHYS 0006 “Holography: techniques and applications”

PHYS 4839 “Invention, Innovation and Commercialisation”.


laboratory supervision


Senior Lab -Third Year (DR222,DT227, DT235), (2008-2011)

Physics First Year Laboratory (DT008, DT009), (2008-2010)

Optics First Year Laboratory (DT224), (2010-2011)



Supervised sixteen final year projects among which three were awarded the “Best final year project” award – Mr. Hosam Sherif (2003), Mr Ian Carter (2009) and Mr. Gareth Clarke (2011).