Our Internet Service Provider, HEAnet (www.heanet.ie) provide us with various services, including Listserv Mailing Lists.  If you require such a list, you must request it via IS Services.  Heanet will only accept requests from authorised representatives of DIT. 

Please see www.heanet.ie/services/applicationservices/listserv for further information and an application form.  Either:

  • print out the text application form and send it to Network & Systems Team, IS Services, G004, DIT Aungier Street.  We will then submit it on your behalf.
  • use the online application form but send an email to support@dit.ie for the attention of the Network & Systems Team giving the details entered on the form, e.g. the list name, owners, etc.  We will then confirm to HEAnet that the application is legitimate.

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