Connecting to DIT wireless services for DIT staff and students

For staff and students wishing to connect to the Internet from their mobile devices, DIT ICT Services recommends that the eduroam wireless network is used.  Information on the eduroam wireless service and the configuration assistance tool can be found here

Should you experience difficulties in connecting using other devices e.g. Laptops running Linux, iPhone or other mobile devices - please contact the IS Support Center


Connecting to DIT Wireless services for visitors or guests

Visitors (including guest lecturers and those partaking in conferences) to DIT who wish to connect to DIT Wireless Services are kindly asked to contact the IS Support Center where they will be given instructions on how to connect.

Please note that this should be done at least 5 days in advance of any visit.  It will be necessary for the visitor to supply the nature and duration of their intended visit. 

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