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A SSID (Service Set Identifier) identifies the public name of a wireless network.  DIT currently advertise two SSIDs, i.e. two wireless networks. 



1.       DITWifi – based on SSL authentication.  SSL authentication uses a web portal page to allow a user to access the wireless network on a ‘one time’ basis.  This means that each time a user reconnects in the future, they must supply their user logon credentials to the portal page.  

The username for students is your student number.

The username for staff is your staff number.


2.       Eduroam – (EDUcation ROAMing) is the roaming infrastructure used by the international research and education community which will provide DIT staff and students with the capability to connect to the eduroam wireless network in other colleges. See for details.

The username for students is  ie

The username for staff is ie

Users who whish to avail of the Eduroam Service outside DIT Campuses should note that a limited Support Service is available. Users going off site should log a call with the Service Desk at least five days in advance to book an appointment to test their laptops compatibility with the Eduroam Service. Users should note when off site that the only assistance offered by the DIT Service Desk will be a password reset.

* Information about how to connect to all of the above can be found in the "How do I?" section.

Note: The logon credentials used to access will grant you access to all wireless networks including eduroam in other colleges across Europe. 



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