Data encryption

"How can I protect the data I have been entrusted with?"

Laptops, mobiles and portable media like USB drives are convenient, but are easily lost. Use encryption software to protect sensitive data. The IS Department has made McAfee Endpoint Encryption available for DIT laptops* storing personal or confidential data. To get this software installed on your laptop contact the DIT Support Desk at x3123 or your local College IT Support.

The process will take about 1 day and will involve first making a backup of the laptop and checking the hard drive for errors before installing the McAfee software. Your laptop will run slower while the hard drive is being encrypted initially but afterwards, any performance hit will be negligible.

If you use a personally-owned laptop for DIT-related business then you still need to protect the data from theft or loss. One product recommended by IS is TrueCrypt which is a free open-source disk encryption software for Windows 7/Vista/XP, Mac OS X, and Linux. Note that IS are unable to provide support for encryption on personally-owned laptops.

Also, Office 2007 or later includes a facility for appropriately strong encryption of documents which is a convenient way of sharing confidential documents over email or on shared folders. Just to note that the encryption functionality in Office 2003 or earlier is easily broken and should therefore not be used for protecting documents

Under current DIT IT security policies, all personal or confidential information being taken for use by authorised staff outside the Institute must be encrypted. For more information on data encryption, contact the IT Compliance Officer at ext 4604




* Please note McAfee Endpoint Encryption is currently only available for laptops running Microsoft Windows

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