PC disposal

“What should I do with my DIT computer when it’s time to throw it out?”

When you retire hardware, be it your old computer, thumb drive, or a stack of CDs, it is necessary to take steps to sanitize and dispose of storage devices such as hard drives appropriately, so that data cannot accidentally fall into malicious hands. If your computer or other media stores confidential data, make sure to contact the DIT Support Desk at x3123 or your College IT Support for proper disposal.

You must complete a PC disposal form so that the Fixed Assets register can be updated. For more details go to the Finance page on Policies and Procedures and  look for form F6 - Computer Equipment Movement Form and the accompanying document F6A - Process for the disposal / Movement of Computer Equipment

For disposing of home PCs, ensure the hard drive is securely wiped using free software tools such as DBAN

"Can I take my DIT computer home for personal use?"

No, obsolete PCs must be disposed of through destructive means as per the current policy. However, options to provide old PCs to charities are currently being explored (see below)

"Can I give my old DIT computer to a charity?"

DIT is currently in discussions with Camara, an Irish-registered charity which distributes refurbished PCs to developing countries in Africa and eastern Europe, about passing on unwanted DIT PCs for further use. When a process has been put in place, this page will be updated with the details.


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