Frequently Asked Questions

When I send an email to a mailing list, I do not receive the email. Why is this?

DIT mailing lists are now manage using Google Groups and its a trait of Google Groups that emails send to a Group that you subscribe to will not show in the Inbox. A copy of this mail will be saved in your ALL MAIL label.


If you want a copy saved to your inbox include your email address in the cc section of the email.

When sending an email from your phone why is my email sent from my and not my

This can happen if you are using your phone’s inbuilt email client. Switching over to the gmail app may solve this problem.

When sending an email from my email client, why is my email sent from my and not my

Yes this can be changed so all emails are send from your and not <staffnumber> Ensure your email address is all in lowercase characters in the account setting of your email client. For assistance contact


Why does alot of my old emails in my new Google mailbox have the same timestamp?

If you have previously managed pop3 email folders (folder saved locally on your PC) and you requested these locally stored folders to be moved to Google mail, Google will display a timestamp of the date the emails were moved to Google rather than the date the email was originally received.


I migrated myself, but every time I delete emails they are re-appearing the following day

This is because step 3 of the migration has not be completed. To ensure emails are not reappearing in your inbox you must email and include your staff number in the subject line. Once the email administrators get confirmation you have migrated they can perform the final step to complete the migration of your account, this will prevent deleted emails from reappearing. 

Why are some emails in my new Google Apps inbox marked as unread when I have read them?

DIT email has been dual delivered to two inboxes since the 20th June this year. This mean email is delivering to your existing inbox on the older oracle Messaging email service as well as your new Google Apps inbox. Up to now you have continued to check your existing inbox for email thus marking each email as “read”. When you are migrated to Google Apps you will be looking at your new Google apps inbox and any email since June will not have been read in this inbox and therefore will be marked as “unread”. 

What if I am not here for the schedule desk visit?

Don’t worry, your emails won’t get lost or deleted and you will continue to receive email as normal until the 31 Jan 2014.  If you are unavailable during the scheduled desk visit log a support call with the support desk to rearrange another desk visit. There may be a waiting period for a rearranged visit as our migration team will continue working to the original schedule.  Please note: all staff email accounts must be migrated to Google Apps before the 31 Jan 2014.

Will I be able to check my DIT email on my phone or mobile device?

Yes. Google email is compatible with all types of mobile devices. The “I’ll do it myself” page will have instructions on how to setup your email on  a range of mobile devices. If you would like assistance from the email migration team please be aware of the desk visit schedule and a staff member will visit your desk to assist setting up your email. 

Why do I have to change my password when it already works in Google Apps?

There are two different ways to check your email – you can use an Email Client such as Outlook or the Google Apps web interface. To ensure the same email password works on both client and web they must be synchronised. Information Services have a password synchronisation process in place since Sept but your password must change in order to initiate this synchronisation.

I don't like the Gmail web interface, can I continue to use my existing email client?

Yes. Your existing email client (such as Outlook or Thunderbird) will work with Google Apps however your client setting will need to be changed. As part of the changeover a desk visit will be scheduled to all staff desks and an IS staff members will assist you in changing your settings. The desk visit schedule will be released in advance of the migration. Regularly check this website for details.

What is my Email quota?

Each Google Apps user can store up to 30GB of content. This storage is shared between Gmail and  Google Drive

You can see your storage usage and limit at the bottom of any Gmail page 


Are there any restrictions or limits with Gmail?

Yes there are some size and type restrictions. An email message and attachment cannot exceed 25 megabytes (MB) in size.

As a security measure to prevent potential viruses, Gmail doesn't allow you to send or receive executable files such as files ending in .exe 


I already have a gmail account, how will it be affected?

The two accounts will not affect each other. You will continue to log into your personal Gmail account as you do now.

To access your GoogleApps -myDIT click the following link:

On the logon page your:

  • Username: 6 digit staff number
  • Password: your ICT domain password (email password)

Why is DIT moving its email service to Google Apps

There are many reasons to move the DIT email service to Google Apps, the primary reasons include:

  • The current email service is provided on ageing hardware. Google Apps is a suite of web-based messaging and collaboration applications that Google hosts on their own servers therefore from the onset of the move to Google there is substantial savings to DIT on hardware costs.
  • Google provide the email service free of charge
  • Google are providing 30GB of online storage which is shared between your email, calendar and Google Drive. You'll no longer need to worry about deleting messages or saving them in offline folders.
  • Google can provide a secure and reliable service anytime and anywhere
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