Common Facilities

Some common features of telephones in DIT explained:
(The following features apply to the most commonly used handsets,i.e. Ericsson DBC202 /203 / 210 / 212 / 213 / 222 / 223 / 225 / IP Phone)

CALL TRANSFER - Allows you to transfer a call from your extension to another extension.

  • If your caller is on Line 1 (ACCESS1), press INQUIRY.
  • Dial the required extension.
  • You can switch back to your original call by pressing ACCESS1 again.
  • When you want to transfer the call, press TRANSFER.

CHANGE RING TONE - Changes the ringing tone of your telephone when you have an incoming call.

  • Press PROGRAM, press a digit between 0 and 9 and press PROGRAM again.

TOUCH TONE SENDER - Enables the tone sender when using tone services such as Information Lines and Telephone Bamking.

  • Dial the required number and when you have been connected, press 9.If you are using a phone with a display, the display will change to "Tone Sender On".

MESSAGE WAITING - Enables a flashing light on your phone to indicate that you have a new voicemail message in your mailbox.

  • Please contact the Support Centre to have this facility programmed on your phone.

FOLLOW ME - Diverts all incoming calls to your number to another internal phone.

  • Key in *21*1234# (Where 1234 is the number you wish to divert to)
  • On display phones, the display should now read "Follow Me : 1234"
  • To turn off Call Divert, key in #21#
    Note : You do not need to lift the handset to use this feature.

CALL DIVERT - Diverts all incoming calls to your voicemail box.

  • The Support Centre can program a Call Divert (CAD) button onto your handset. This button is generally pre-programmed to the voicemail system.

  • If you have this feature programmed onto your phone, simply press your Call Divert button. Your display will change to reflect this.

  • Your phone will not ring if this feature is turned on and will divert all calls to your voicemail box.

  • To turn off this feature, press Call Divert again. The display will return to normal.

CALL BACK - If you make a call to an internal extension and that extension is busy, your phone can alert you as to when the person you are trying to contact is no longer engaged.

  • When you hear the "busy signal", press 6 on your phone and then hang up.
  • Your phone will call you and if you answer, it will call the person you are trying to reach.
  • When using Call Back, the ring tone of your phone will change to signify that a Call Back call.
  • To cancel a Call Back, key in #37# on your handset.

CALL WAITING - If you make a call to an internal extension and that extension is busy, you can alert that person that you are trying to contact them.

  • When you hear the "busy signal", press 5 on your phone and stay on the line.

AUTHORISATION PIN CODE - Every telephone on the 402 network is programmed with a Call Category between Category 1 and 5. The category of an extension determines what numbers can be dialled from that extension.

  • Cat 1 : Internal access only
  • Cat 2 : Local Dublin.
  • Cat 3 : Mobile and National.
  • Cat 4 : United Kingdom.
  • Cat 5 : Worldwide access.

By default, extension are set to Cat 2, Dublin numbers only. Information Services can issue staff members with a PIN code for their extension so that they can dial additional numbers without going through the Central Switchboard.

  • Requests for PIN codes must be made in writing to the Support Centre. When requesting a PIN code, staff must:

  • Apply in writing to the Support Centre.
  • State your Name, Extension Number, Location and a Business Reason for the request.
  • Information Services will then seek authorisation from the Finance Directorate.
  • Once the request has been approved, Information Services will communicate the PIN code via email.

To use your PIN code:

  • Dial *72*12345# (Where 12345 is your registered PIN code)
  • Dial 0 for an outside line
  • Dial the required number

PICK UP GROUPS - Several extensions in the same office or nearby can be included in pickup groups. When you hear another phone in the same group ringing, you can pick up the call on your own phone

  • To pick up another phone within the pick-up group, press   * 8 #   on your phone.

  • Please contact the Support Centre to have pickup groups setup.

DIVERSIONS (BUSY  /  NO-ANSWER) - Extensions which are setup with Voicemail have a number of additional options available to them. These options allow the user to choose how and when their phone goes to voicemail when they are already on a call. By default, extensions will go to voicemail if they are not answered after a predetermined number of rings.

However, if a user is on a call and another call is received by their extension, they can choose whether the second caller gets a Busy Tone or whether they get voicemail. (The default is divert to voicemail at no answer).

  • To enable, key in *211#

  • To enable, key in *212#

(If you find that these options are not functioning correctly, please contact the Support Desk to have them enabled for you)

NUMBER LOGGING - Number logging works in a similar way to the "Missed Call" function which most mobile phones use. It allows you to scroll through a list of phone numbers which dialled your extension number.

This feature is only available on DBC203 / 223 / 225 handsets.

  • To enable this feature on your handset, please contact the Support Centre.

PROGRAMMABLE BUTTONS - Unused buttons on your telephone can be programmed by you to act as a "Speed Dial" button.

  • Press PROGRAM
  • Press the button that you wish to use as a "Speed Dial" button
  • Enter the number that you wish your "Speed Dial" button to call
  • If you are programming an outside line, don't forget the 0 before the number!
  • Press the "Speed Dial" button again
  • Press PROGRAM again

CALL CONFERENCING - Call conferencing is availabe if you are on a call to one person and wish to bring another person into that call so that the three parties can speak to each other.

  • Assuming that you are talking to the first party on your first line (ACCESS1)
  • Press INQUIRY and dial the second party that you wish to bring into the conference call
  • When the second party answers their phone, PRESS 3
  • You should hear a should "beep" and then all three parties will be able to speak to each other
  • Any party can leave the call at any stage by simply hanging up

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