Telephony FAQs...

Answers to some of the most common FAQs are listed below. You will also find a Quick Reference Guide for your particular handset on this page...

Ericsson Dialog 4222 Office Download Here
Ericsson Dialog 4223 Professional Download Here
Ericsson Dialog 4220 Lite Download Here
Ericsson 4422 IP Office (VoIP Phone) Download Here
Ericsson DBC 3210 Download Here
Ericsson DBC 3211 / 3201 Download Here
Ericsson DBC 3212 / 3202 Download Here
Ericsson DBC 3213 / 3203 Download Here

I'm new to DIT, how to I get an extension number?

Once you have been assigned to a particular building and location and if there is no existing extension number in the room which you have been assigned to, please contact the Support Centre who will arrange for a new extension number to be provided for you.

How do I get my new extension listed in the DIT Directory?

The DIT Internal Telephone Directory is maintained by Anna Memery in the Central Switchboard. Once you are listed on the Internal Directory, you will be listed on the DIT Website - People Finder...

The following information should be included on a Directory Entry:

  • Your Name
  • Department / Function
  • Room Number
  • Location / Building
  • Extension Number
  • Email Address

The above details should be emailed to

I have an old or a damaged telephone handset, how can I get a new one?

Information Services do not supply telephone handsets. If you need a new telephone handsets, a purchase order must be raised by your department.

Telephone Handsets must be purchased from:

  • Damovo Ireland Ltd.
  • Citylink Business Park
  • Old Naas Road
  • Dublin 12

For a list of the current models and current prices, please contact the Support Centre.

I now have a new extension but I can only dial local telephone numbers, how can I dial other phone numbers?

If you dial the Central Switchboard in Aungier Street, the staff there can connect you to any numbers which you may require.

  • Dial 9 to contact the Switchboard.

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